March 2010 Newsletter
A Journey into the Depth of Human History in Search of the Divine Reflection…

It is few weeks now since I've been working on an exciting new project. During my research I found myself wandering through human history in search of a hidden secret.

In the last newsletter I wrote about a mystic experience I had ten years ago. The experiences lead me to the insight that if the creation state is unity it cannot experience itself (no relation to anything). From this I concluded that the purpose of creation is to experience itself and to understand itself. In my research I was looking for a shape that will fully capture that idea.

My journey led me to the ancient Greek philosophers which claimed that the nature of reality is mathematical and geometrical. They understood that it was possible to reach harmony and understand creation through math and geometrical laws. The secrets of the Golden Mean, the five platonic solids and the 13 Archimedean solids, these shapes and mathematical geometrical laws were encrypted in the works of leading artists such as Leonardo Da Vinci and Albrecht Durer.  

Portrait of Luca Pacioli from 1495

One specific art piece drew my attention. It was the Portrait of Luca Pacioli from 1495; he appears pointing towards a board with a sketch of one of Euclid's geometrical proofs. In the picture Luca is observing a glass made Rhombicuboctahedron half filled with water. On the table next to it appears a dodecahedron. When I observed the picture deeply I understood that I found the symbol I was looking for…

The Rhombicuboctahedron reflects the view of the windows from all around. The cause for that is that it is a shape that has the ability to reflect a panoramic spherical view of 360 degrees on to 180 degrees. This is the same way the creation experiences itself…

The Divine Reflection Pendant
The Divine Reflection Pendant
The Divine Reflection Pendant silver
The Divine Reflection Pendant gold
  The Divine Reflection pendant is made in the shape of Rhombicuboctahedron.
 It is a symbol for the universe and the creator experiencing the reality through us.

The Zodiac Project
In March I also started a new Astrology project called the Zodiac project. The Zodiac pendants series is based on a basic pendant and every month I will change the top engraving and the internal metal (to the one that correlates with the current zodiac). The time of making the pendant is carefully chosen and it is the time the sun is at its highest influence on the current zodiac. The pendant contains the Lotus flower which symbolizes the opening to the Sun energy (the lotus flower closes in the night and opens with sunrise).

Pisces Pendant
Limited edition (until next year).
Made on the 5th of March between 11:25 AM to 12:55PM.

A warm thank you,
I would like to send my warm thank you for all the blessings and gifs I received from so many of you last month (my birthday). It was very exciting for me!!!
Thank you

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