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Support Japan Campaign, Sun and Uranus Talismans and Crop Circles Creations Sale

About two months ago, I published a picture of a hammered relief of a Japanese Phoenix I have made. At that time I wasn't sure what it will be so I wrote in my diary that I will finish this model in the middle of March. The Japanese Phoenix is a symbol of rebirth, of letting go of the past, of resurrection and hope. So when I looked at the diary few days after the disaster in Japan I was surprised to find out that according to my schedule It was the time to create this symbol. Therefore I have decided to create the Japanese support campain using this symbol.

Also in this newsletter we have two Limited Edition Astrology pendants. The first is the Sun Talisman. Last time it was made was on July 2010 and it was finished in less then 24 hours… The second is Uranus in Aries talisman – a strong symbol of Individualism and freedom.

Last subject is the crop circles jewelry. We have a new wonderful design called the Galactic Harmony and we also offered other crop circle jewelry with 13% discount.

13% Discount for Crop Circle Jewelry and New designs
Valid until 29 of March 2011

Galactic Harmony Pendant
The crop circles are a worldwide phenomenon. Some claim it is a man made art form.
Others claim it is a galactic way of communication and that many of these formations are signs of change of the human consciousness. This formation can also be harmonious symbol of unity and oneness.
Galactic Harmony Pendant Silver
Galactic Harmony Pendant gold
Galactic Harmony Pendant Silver

Galactic Harmony Pendant gold

Support Japan Campaign
The 8.9-magnitude earthquake that hit Japan at March 11, shocked the whole world. From here, a tsunami also struck the place thus leaving more properties devastated. Family members were separated from each other; Tens of thousands are living in evacuation centers; around 8000 people are dead and 2000 injured; and yet approximately 12000 are still missing according to Japan's national police agency.

The Japanese Phoenix pendant is a symbol of rebirth and it represents the cosmic circle of rebirth, resurrection hope and letting go of the past.

Japanese Phoenix Silver
Japanese Phoenix Gold
Japanese Phoenix Silver

Japanese Phoenix Gold

All profits from the sales of this pendant will be donated to
Japan Earthquake victims.

Two Powerful Astrology Talismans

The Sun Talisman
Will be Assembled on March the 24th Between 12:53-13:26 during the exaltation
The Sun talisman brings the fire and light into your life. It is a symbol of optimism, creativity and success. The Sun talisman sharpens the mind, removes and strengthens your life force. The sun is the light of consciousness therefore invoking the sun into our life, enhances consciousness awareness and mental focus.

Sun Talisman - Silver with Gold
Sun Talisman - Silver with Gold

Uranus in Aries Talisman
Assembled on March 21st between 13:02-13:38

Uranus entry into Aries denotes the energy of the rebel; it gives the power to break any pattern that limits the spirit’s expression. It instills pride in being different and unique, and accelerates individualized energy expression.

Uranus in Aries Talisman - Silver
Uranus in Aries Talisman - Silver

Thank you
Have a Wonderful Day
David Weiztman and Ka gold jewelry team

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