March 2011 Newsletter

Forgiveness pendant, Japanese Stork and 12% discount for Eco related Designs

In this month’s newsletter - a symbol of forgiveness and ecological symbols that were inspired by a ten year-old girl who changed the world around her.

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Forgiveness Pendant and Ring
"To err is human – to forgive is divine."
Two months ago I was requested to create a jewel that symbolizes forgiveness. I thought it was a great idea, since many people request jewels as presents for making up or as symbols of unity and love. Compassion and forgiveness are an inextricable part of oneness and love. I chose to use the dove as the perfect symbol of forgiveness, both because of the biblical story of Noah and the dove, that symbolizes forgiveness and peace, and also largely because the dove (or pigeon) was used from ancient times as a means of communication between people.

Forgiveness Pendant

Forgiveness Pendant
Forgiveness Pendant Silver

Forgiveness Pendant Gold

Forgiveness ring
Forgiveness ring
Forgiveness Ring Silver
Forgiveness Ring Gold

Engraved around the pendant and ring is the sentence – "To err is human – to forgive is divine".

Mother Earth is dear to my heart,
We have several designs that relate to Mother Earth. We donate the profits from sales of our pendant, "Mother Earth" to different environmental organizations around the world.
My workshop is located close to the area where I grew up. I have childhood memories of wild expanses of golden sands and pine trees, of walking among wildflowers looking for turtles, toads and lizards. I once kept a turtle I found as a pet. Today in those same fields are apartment buildings and a monstrous shopping mall and instead of the wild field with the pine trees, bushes, wildflowers and animals, is a parking lot sprouting… cars.

All this change has happened in only twenty years.

The Japanese Stork
The following moving story inspired me to create the pendant and ring that definitely bring hope and show how paying attention to the environment is the only way we can live on planet Earth.
The story begins in 2004 in the town of Toyooka, Japan. A powerful Typhoon caused flooding of the Maruyama River. At the same time¸ 10 year old Yuka Okada sat in a shelter with friends from her class and came to the understanding that people are responsible for a large part of the damage to the environment, and not just natural forces.

Japanese Stork pendant
Japanese Stork pendant
Japanese Stork Gold

Japanese Stork Pendant Silver

Japanese Stork Ring
Japanese Stork Ring
Japanese Stork Ring Gold
Japanese Stork Ring Silver

The way that Yuka decided to make an impact was by bringing back the eastern Japanese stork to the city skies. The stork was common in the past in Japan; however during the 50s and 60s due to extensive use of chemical pesticides in the rice paddies where they fed, they quickly disappeared from the landscape until the very last one disappeared in 1971. Students turned to the Mayor and requested that he allot them land where they could grow chemical and poison-free rice crops in order to bring back the eastern Japanese stork to the city skies. A few years earlier a small breeding center was established to conserve the stork. Due to the fact that the mayor, the student’s and residents of the town backed the project, large expanses of fields were transitioned back to organic gardening methods.

The students proved that clean organic agriculture does not reduce the yields and other growers were subsequently convinced to convert their fields into pesticide free zones. This change brought back to those same fields biodiversity and the resurgence of insects and worms. As a result, in 2005, the local authorities began the process of releasing the storks back into the wild, which then started to nest in the environs of the town.

As a result the town became a buzzing tourist attraction and the farmer’s organic produce is marketed successfully.

This story of hope proves that harmony with nature can benefit humanity as a whole.

12% Discount
For Seletected Eco Designs and Forgiveness Pendant

Mother Earth

Mother Earth
Mother Earth Gold
Mother Earth Silver
"Change it"

Karma pendant

Karma pendant
Karma pendant Gold
Karma Pendant Silver
"The end of a deed is in it's first thought”

Dune Pendant
Dune Pendant
Dune Pendant Gold
Dune Pendant Silver
"From the waters shall come all life"

The Zodiac sign pendant series

The Aquarius Amulet
Last month we made a Aquarius Amulet .it was created on the 6th of February between 6:37 and 7:00. The metal inside is leadn which is the metal of Aquarius sign.

With Great Love
David Weitzman and Ka Gold Jewelry Team.

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