March 2013 Newsletter

New Spring Equinox Talisman 

Let me bring you songs from the wood:
To make you feel much better than you could know.
Dust you down from tip to toe.
Show you how the garden grows.
Hold you steady as you go.
Join the chorus if you can:
it'll make of you an honest man.

flower 1 flower 1
flower 1 flower 1

The car stereo was playing the classic Jethro Tull track as I was driving through the beautiful green forests of the Galilee. When I got out of the car I was welcomed with blooming fields of
psychedelic pink, white, red, purple and yellow which confirmed that spring is already here and reminded me of the upcoming Spring Equinox.

Now back at the workshop I’m getting ready to assemble the Equinox Talismans...

14% Discount on Equinox and Alchemical Wedding Talismans
Valid until March 24th

The Equinox Talisman

Limited Edition! Will be made on March the 20th 2013 between 12:43-13:43 GMT during the Spring Equinox.

Made on the Exact time the Sun ingresses into Aries! Invoking the rising tides of the solar life force, directed action and will power, and the beginning of new and exciting initiatives.

Equinox gold and silver   Equinox Talisman Gold   Equinox Talisman Silver
Equinox Gold and Silver Equinox Talisman Gold Equinox Talisman Silver

Astronomically speaking, the equinoctial points are the places on the ecliptic (the Sun’s path) where night and day are of equal length. This means that the Sun is in the plane of the Earth’s equator.

Astrologically, these are very important times, where a tremendous shift of energy takes place.
The Vernal Equinox is specifically of great importance, because it marks - 0 degrees Aries which is the beginning of the Tropical Zodiac. It is also analogous to the rising point in the daily cycle when the Sun crosses the horizon and marks the beginning of the day, so is the Sun in its yearly cycle as it begins the year in the vernal equinox. After six months, during which the night is longer than the day, when the Sun crosses the vernal point, the day triumphs over the night. The solar power is starting to gain momentum as light and warmth propel life and growth in the northern hemisphere.

It is a sacred time of festivals, celebrations and religious ceremonies all over the globe, and all throughout history, every religion marks this time in its holidays, in one form or another.


The 0 Aries point is very potent with life energy, it is the birth point of the year, reflected by an energetic tidal wave of solar "fire" rekindling our own inner power and motivation to act. It is not surprising that the Sun is said to be exalted in this sign.
As the ancient greek Astrologer Vettius Valens (2nd century A.D) said in his "Anthology" :
"The Sun is the cosmic mind and divinity. It arouses human’s soul to action through its own energy and love-inspiring nature, and it becomes the cause of achievement and progress."

The talisman itself is based on an ancient Assyrian relief of the Winged Sun or the Sun Disc which is an ancient symbol of power, life, light, godhood and sovereignty.

Taking into account that Mars - the planet of energy and assertive action, is also in Aries when the Sun enters , it makes the equinox talisman an invigorating tool, that motivates us to take action and helps us renew our inner fire, giving us focus and intention, and  connect us to our individual willpower.

The Alchemical Wedding Talisman - New edition

925 Silver and 14k gold. Made only during astrological auspicious times.

Limited edition will be assembled on March the 22nd between 08:45-09:50 gmt.
The talisman is a combination of the metals ruled by the lights: gold- Sun, silver- Moon, and their ancient astrological glyphs, and are made ('born') under specific astrological times to draw out, intensify, reinforce and bring to life those symbols.

Alchemical Wedding Talisman

The talisman of the 'alchemical wedding' is a paraphrase of the alchemical trinity of the Sun, the Moon and the hermaphrodite Mercury (which is considered their mediator). Mercury which is symbolized by the 'staff of Mercury/Hermes, or Caduceus) with his glyph embedded in the center serves as the connective tissue and reconciling energy of the Sun and Moon. Being the most androgynous planet Mercury has a pronounced solar and lunar side, which is symbolized by the two snakes.

This talisman is made in an astrological time that enhances the “cooperation” of the Sun and Moon (trine configuration while waxing). The talisman offers the opportunity to balance the opposites of our nature and 'alchemize' them together. This causes the emergence of our most pure, essential self, and acts to transform the raw and chaotic material- attached self (prima materia) into gold (spirit) by way of purification and unification of our basic elements.

The texts, astrological work and the basic design and instructions for the talismans are provided by astrologer Michael Ofek.

14% Discount on 

Thank you for reading
With Love
David and Ka-Gold Team

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