March 2014 Newsletter

The Annual Limited Edition of the Rare and Genuine Sun Talisman and Unique Sun Jewelry

The Sun is the source of life in our world and as such it was worshipped by all the ancient religions. The Sun symbol is the same as the ancient symbol of The  Monad, a circle with a point at it’s center. It is fascinating to see how that this ancient symbol once regarded as the source of  life, a symbol of oneness, unity and consciousness, is almost the same symbol of the hydrogen atom which is the major element in the Sun’s mass and it is the first element that came to existence... It is also interesting that in Hydrogen the electron is orbiting the proton which is analogous to the Earth’s orbit around the Sun....

New Limited Edition of The Sun Talisman
Assembled on March the 23rd between 05:44-06:10

Sun Talisman Silver and Gold
Sun Talisman Silver and Gold

15% Discount on the Sun Talisman and Related Jewelry
Valid until March 30

This Talisman is actually an ancient way to encapsulate, absorb and  refine the Solar Force of Life.

During this time, the Sun was at the peak of its essential power. The Sun is the center of the solar system and it is the life giver and power source of this physical existence. The Sun symbol is the ultimate symbol of the Greek 'NOUS' or mind/spirit which is the driving force of the soul.
In each living being the Sun represents the core underlying energy around which all of the personality traits, needs, passions, and experiences revolve. The Sun animates our being in the physical world, the more we connect to our Sun and its powers, the more fulfilled we feel, and the more we actualize our soul through the mind/spirit intent.

Sun Talisman Gold - Only 2 Items Left

Sun Talisman Gold
Sun Talisman Gold

The Sun talisman brings the fire and light into your life. It is a symbol of optimism, creativity and success. The Sun talisman sharpens the mind, removes melancholy and strengthens your life force.
The Sun is the light of consciousness therefore invoking the Sun into our life, enhances consciousness awareness and mental focus.
The talisman is embedded with the glyph of the Sun in gold (The Sun metal). In the center of the talisman there is the ancient magic seal of the sun and on the outer ring of the pendant engraved the magical 'alphabet'.

Image of the Cosmos Limited Edition - Last Items Left
Image of the Cosmos Talisman Silver and Gold
Image of the Cosmos Talisman
Silver and Gold
Image of the Cosmos Talisman Silver
Image of the Cosmos Talisman
Image of the Cosmos Talisman Gold
Image of the Cosmos Talisman

Image of the cosmos

Equinox - Last Items Left

Related Sun Jewelry - 15% Discount

Egyptian Sun and Ankh Silver Pendant Egyptian Sun and Ankh Gold Pendant
Egyptian Sun and Ankh Silver Egyptian Sun and Ankh Gold

Eclipse Talisman (May-2013 Edition)
Eclipse Talisman

Ankh and Lotus Necklace
Ankh and lotus necklace gold Ankh and lotus necklace silver
Ankh and lotus necklace gold Ankh and lotus necklace silver

Thank you for reading
David and Ka-Gold Team

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The Designer - David Weitzman

David Weitzman is the force behind Ka Gold Jewelry. David has dedicated himself for many years to the search for sacred knowledge. He has vast knowledge in the fields of Kabbalah, sacred geometry, Egyptian wisdom, Jewish tradition, Tibetan Buddhism and other sacred concepts.

The Artist - David Weitzman

15% Discount for Platonic Solid Related Designs
Valid Until September 25th 2018

Personalized Cosmic Sigil Talisman
Price: $1,118

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