March 2016 Newsletter

 Recreating the Lost Pentalpha Magical Ring 

On the 18th of March between 07:17- 08:04 there will be an exaltation of Venus in Pisces in the day of Venus, with the Moon in Cancer. This special opportunity will allow me to create the special Magical Pentalpha  (Pythagorean) Ring. Pythagoras, the ancient greek philosopher (considered the father of philosophy) and his disciples claimed that the entire universe leans on mathematical laws. They believed that in its deepest level, reality is mathematical in nature, and that philosophy is a genuine tool for spiritual understanding. Moreover they believed that the human spirit can experience unification with the divine and that certain symbols have real mystical meanings.

Pentalpha (Venus) Ring
15% Discount Until April 2nd

Over time this knowledge was forgotten and “rediscovered” in the Renaissance by men like Luca Pacioli, Leonardo Pisano Fibonacci, and more. Their most revered symbol was the Pentad or the five point star which was both the key to one of the five platonic solids - the dodecahedron and also the key to the divine golden ration. The Golden Ratio is the mathematical and geometrical law which resonates with the divine law of the cosmos itself. It can be seen in nature and even can be found in music. We humans perceive it as beauty and harmony.

Our ancient ancestors discovered that planet Venus creates within its movement in relation to the Earth, a pattern of a perfect Five pointed star/ pentad so Venus became the star of beauty, divine love creativity and harmony


This is the earliest known pentagram ring. It originates from Crotona Italy circa 525 BCE. This drawing was from taken from the book IMAGINI DEGLI DEI ANTICHI by V. Catari, published in 1647. The letters of the word YGEIA (Greek for "health", standard form υγιεια) are inside the pentagram, and the letters of the Latin translation SALUS are just outside.

Pythagorean (Venus) Ring

The number five was peculiarly associated by the Pythagoreans with the art of healing, and the pentagram, or five-pointed star, because of it’s sacred proportions was to them the symbol of health. This magical ring was used by them as a powerful talisman . It is set with a diamond which is the stone of venus according to the ancient traditions and it is  bearing the pentalpha, or star formed by five different positions of the Greek Alpha. It was documented in the ancient writings:
 "The disciples of Pythagoras, who were indeed its real inventors, placed within each of its interior angles one of the letters of the Greek word ΥΓΕΙΑ, or the Latin one SALUS, both of which signify health; and thus it was made the talisman of health. They placed it at the beginning of their epistles as a greeting to invoke a secure health to their correspondent. But its use was not confined to the disciples of Pythagoras. As a talisman, it was employed all over the East as a charm to resist evil spirits."

New Venus Talisman Pendant
I’ve also added a new unique Venus pendant which will be assembled on that day.
This genuine talisman will be made also according to the ancient hermetic traditions.
The center is set with an accurate replica of an ancient Roman coin of venus surrounded with the magic ancient alphabet of Venus taken from the writings of Cornelius Agrippa.
The pendant is also set with diamonds-the stone of Venus.

New Venus Talisman

Divine Love New Edition
Last but not least - for all of you who’ve been waiting impatiently for the sold out Divine Love Talisman; I will be able to assemble a limited number of these talismans on Sunday 20th of march.

Divine Love Talismans new edition

15% Discount for Pentalpha Talisman ring and Venus Talismans

Valid Until April 2nd

Thank you for reading
David and Ka-Gold Team

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