Mystical Moments from the Making of Five Powerful Designs

A closer look at some of the intricate craftsmanship involves in creating the designs and Talismans. Nowadays when everything seems to move to printed designs and computer-generated art, I find it more important than ever to keep the traditional manmade craftsmanship alive. Below, you can find videos of the process of making five interesting designs.

Personalized Trinity Talisman

Personalized astrology talisman made according to your birth chart and includes the Sun, Moon and your dominant planet. Made with pure intention to encapsulate and reflect who you really are and what you can become.

Victory Ring

Inlaid Victory Ring Gold

Price: $1,652 USD

This ring was made as a symbol of inspiration so that one can find the power and will to achieve any goal. The Laurel wreath around the ring is the ancient symbol of victory which was awarded to the winners in the ancient Olympics. The engraving around the stone says "Dare to be great!".

The Light Pendant

The Light Pendant Silver

Price: $143 USD

The Light Pendant Gold

Price: $1,346 USD

A combination of two powerful symbols - the Vesica Pisces and the Tetractys. The Vesica Pisces or the first day of creation is a symbol of the infinite consciousness, learning and experiencing itself through creation. This simple structure consists of two crossed circles, by which one can extract the geometrical and mathematical laws that represent our reality.

The triangular structure with 10 points on the bottom of the pendant is called the tetractys, a symbol used by Pythagoras from which one can extract mathematical laws of music, beauty and harmony.

Alchemical Wedding Talisman

Balance the opposites of our nature, purify and unify our soul. Alchemical Wedding Talisman is related to the alchemical trinity of the Sun, the Moon and the hermaphrodite Mercury (which is considered their mediator). Mercury which is symbolized by the staff of Mercury/Hermes (Caduceus) with his glyph embedded in the center, serves as the connective tissue and reconciling energy of the Sun and Moon.

Dharma pendant

Dharma Pendant Silver

Price: $152 USD

Dharma Pendant Gold

Price: $1,897 USD

The Dharma Pendant design incorporates the Sacred Fig leaf which is known as the Bodhi Tree. Prince Siddhartha sat under this Tree for 49 days, attaining full awakening and liberation and became the Buddha. The symbol inside the leaf of the pendant is the 'Dharma wheel', also known as 'The Noble Eightfold Path'. The ancient path Siddhartha found as the way leading to the cessation of suffering (dukkha) and the achievement of self awakening.

A unique reminder of the ancient path that exists to break free from the cycle of aging, death, suffering, and rebirth.

Thank you for reading
With Love
David and Ka-Gold Team

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