This newsletter goes out in time the world is going through huge turmoil due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19). At this chaotic times, we hope you are keeping safe and taking the necessary precautions.

We are carefully monitoring the Israeli government announcement to decide if we are allowed to continue making jewelry. At this point, we are working while following these steps:
  • Practicing rigorous social distancing
  • Deep clean and disinfectant.
  • Jewelry and packaging get disinfected before shipment.
Please Note: Order may be delayed more than normal in case we have to stop working for a period of time.

Equinox and Ficino
15% Discount Until March 31st 2020

From our Astrologer - Michael Ofek

At these challenging times of world crisis, we are invoking the light of the Sun to heal and purify and recharge us with solar life force. At the exact Equinox time when the Sun enters the first degree of Aries, is the time when the cosmos is said to be reborn every year, it is one of the most potent turning points in the solar cycle as the Sun aligns with the plane of the Earth’s equator, making night and day of equal length. From this point on the days get longer and the light and warmth conquers the darkness and the cold. It is the beginning of spring. This is probably part of the reason that the sign Aries is considered the place where the Sun is most Exalted and its power powerfully manifest. The first degree of a sign holds the seed of the whole sign, so does the first degree of Aries (As the first sign) holds not only the essence of Aries but that of the whole Zodiac. This is a Talisman that connects the wearer to a fountain of life energy and the beating of the cosmic heart. It serves to strengthen one’s cosmic connection, and natural power, increasing light and life, it purifies and heals and gives joy and inspiration. We pray that the Light of the Sun will banish all darkness and fear from our hearts, and bring better days, optimism and health.

In a beautiful coincidence, this year the exact Sun ingress into Aries will happen precisely on Sunrise (in Israel). Doubling the effect, as its ‘rebirth’ is in relation to the Zodiac and to the Earth (Ascendant) at the same time. Additionally, Mars the ruler of Aries is Exalted in Capricorn and conjunct Jupiter. A very auspicious reinforcement for the manifestation of the Sun’s energy with the additional power from her vigorous dispositor.

We will be making Equinox Talismans and Image of the Cosmos Talismans.

Spring Equinox

New Edition -  Consecrated on March 20th, 2020 between 5:45-6:05 GMT-3.

Equinox Talismans
15% Discount Until March 31st 2020

Equinox Talismans
15% Discount Until March 31st 2020

15% Discount Until March 31st 2020

Ficino Talismans

New Edition -  Consecrated on March 20th, 2020 between 5:45-6:05 GMT-3.

I am following Ficino’s instructions and will assemble and consecrate this Talisman when the Sun will enter the first minute of Aries, As Ficino explains this is considered the birthday of the world, the beginning of a new cycle. The Sun in 0 degrees in Aries is not only an invocation of images of birth and beginning, but it is also entering the sign of its exaltation, where it is extremely strong (essentially dignified) therefore this is also a solar Talisman, which has ingrained in it the image of the whole cosmos as it is inherent in the Sun itself; the powerful Architect and life-generating force of our solar system It is, in a sense, a Talisman that encapsulates the universal image of birth and life, and it helps us tune our-self to the generating forces of life as a whole.

Ficino Image of the cosmos
15% Discount Until March 31st 2020

A limited-edition will be assembled at the exact ingress of the Sun in the sign of Aries.
The Talisman is set with traditional stones ruled by the different planets:
Moon - Moonstone
Mercury - Emerald
Venus - Peridot
Sun Pink Tourmaline
Mars - Amethyst
Jupiter - Yellow Topaz

The names of the planets are written in Hebrew, Latin, and Arabic.
The outer circle is the Ancient Egyptian glyphs of the zodiac.

Thank you for reading
With Love
David and Ka-Gold Team

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