Last week we shared about the upcoming new edition of the 7 Metals Chaldean order talisman and the new gold version. On the 24th we will have a chance to create the Solar Power Talismans. During the pre-order time, we will be offering them in different gold versions.

This year, Equinox and the image of the cosmos talismans fall on Saturday so we will not be offering new editions for them. We will be offering the last pieces that remain from last year’s edition on special-next edition will be made only in 2022!!
14% Discount Until March 25th 2021

Solar Power Talismans Limited Edition
Will be assembled on the 24th of March 2021 between 5:36-06:00 0 GMT+2, Givataim, Israel.

The elected time for this talisman features the Sun Exalted in Aries, rising in the east, and the waxing Moon in the Sign of Leo (the sign of the Sun) in a perfect trine (harmonious aspect) to the rising Sun. The Moon is reflecting and magnifying the solar powers of the Exalted Sun, through the creative fires of Leo and its position in the 5th house.
14% Discount Until March 25th 2021

In this unique Talisman, I’ve harnessed ancient symbolism, the time frame for the assembling, intention, stones, plants and metals that are associated to the sun and the solar power according to the ancient traditions. The ancients believed that the cosmic impacts of the heavenly bodies influence not just human actions, but also the different realms of nature. For example, each planet is connected to different plants, stones and animals. These traditions were gathered in the 16th century by the famous philosopher and mystic figure Cornelius Agrippa in his book ”The Philosophy of Natural Magic”ץ

The symbols on the front side are the Egyptian sun god - Ra with the head of the hawk, bearing the symbol of the Sun Disk inlaid with a high-quality Ruby - the solar stone. The Hawk itself is a bird that is connected to the solar force according to the ancient Egyptians, while on the backside there is the Sun Disk, bearing the image of the center of the Seed of Life, the geometrical pattern of life, with the sun rays as hands holding the Ankh - the key of life.

Equinox, Solar Flower and Ficino, Image of the Cosmos Talismans
Since this year the spring equinox falls on Saturday we will not be making a new edition for it (and for Image of the cosmos). We are offering the last remaining pieces from last year’s edition on special now.
14% Discount Until March 25th 2021

Other Items currently on special
7 Metals Chaldean order Talismans. 5 Metals rings and Sun Talismans.

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14% Discount Until March 25th 2021

Thank you
Have a wonderful Spring
David and Ka-Gold Team

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