As we approach springtime and the annual renewal of the Sun’s power and light, we are again excited to prepare our unique variety of Talismanic receptacles to capture this potent event. An opportunity to assemble new editions of the Equinox Talismans, Solar Power and Ficino’s Image of the Cosmos Talismans.

Equinox and Image of the Cosmos

New edition. Will Be Assemble on March 21st, 2023, between 5:47-6:15 GMT3 Givataim Israel.

Equinox, Solar Power and Image of the Cosmos
15% Discount Until March 29th 2023

The spring's equinox (Northern Hemisphere) is the time when the sun's rays align directly with the Earth's equator - the tipping point of equal day and night, dark and light. From this time onwards, the light of day increases and overcomes the night. This is the beginning of the tropical zodiac and the yearly cycle of the earth around the sun - considered the annual “rebirth” of the cosmos and the rekindling of life and light.

At this year’s equinox, the exact ingress (entry) of the Sun into Aries takes place on March 20th. In Israel, this happens around midnight. Therefore, for maximum alignment, we have elected the Talisman creation time to the first sunrise after the ingress on the morning of the 21st - aligning the Sun (and the 0 Aries point) with the Ascendant and the beginning of the yearly solar cycle with the beginning of the day and the first emergence of the equinox Sun.

Ficino Image of the Cosmos Talismans 

The Image of the Cosmos is also a solar Talisman, which has ingrained in it the image of the whole cosmos inherent in the Sun itself; the powerful Architect and life-generating force of our solar system. It is, in a sense, a Talisman that encapsulates the universal image of birth and life, and which helps us tune ourselves to the generating forces of life as a whole.

Equinox and Image of the Cosmos

15% Discount Until March 29th 2023

This Talisman was inspired by the famous Renaissance Philosopher and Astrologer Marsilio Ficino. In his revolutionary work (for his times), “De Vita” (the Book of Life), published in 1489 where Ficino synthesizes Medicine, Astrology and Magic, In the chapters dealing with the subject of magical Talismans, he suggests a Talisman for the cosmos:
How to Construct a Figure of the Universe.” “But why, then, should we neglect a universal image, an image of the very universe itself? Through it, they seem to hope for a benefit from the universe. The adherent of these things, if he can do it, should sculpt an archetypal form of the whole world, if he pleases, in bronze, he should imprint this subsequently at the right time in a thin, gilded plate of silver.

The Talisman is set with traditional stones ruled by the different planets:
  • Moon - Moonstone
  • Mercury - Emerald
  • Venus - Peridot
  • Sun Pink Tourmaline
  • Mars - Amethyst
  • Jupiter - Yellow Topaz
  • Saturn-Sapphire.
The names of the planets are written in Hebrew, Latin, and Arabic.
The outer circle is the Ancient Egyptian glyphs of the zodiac.

Solar Power Talismans

This Talisman has the power to rejuvenate body and mind and to give one a strong positive, and inspired attitude. Helping one to get in touch with and exercise personal power and expression and gravitate to places of honour and recognition.

"This magnificent seal gives authority to whoever will use it, and it will cause the eyes of the king to radiate dignity, and to reach and accomplish all of his objectives. Whoever uses this seal will not be confronted by anyone, and his fame will rise to the height of kings."
The Book of Alexander

Equinox Pendant and Ring

15% Discount Until March 29th 2023

The symbol on the top is the ancient Mesopotamian symbol of the Sun or the Sun god Shamash and on both sides of the ring, there is the ancient Egyptian Solar Disk. The middle of the ring is inlaid with Ruby, one of the sacred stones of the Sun.

Equinox Talismans

Designed to capture the equinox’s energetic surge of the solar "fires," rekindling our inner power, illuminating our minds, and bringing creative motivation to act in the world. This is the exaltation of the sun (Aries), bestowing vitality and strength, magnanimity and authority.

Equinox Pendant and Ring

15% Discount Until March 29th 2023

Solar Flower Equinox Talisman

The Solar Flower Equinox Talisman is designed based on the eastern Hyacinth flower, which symbolizes the Sun at the center of our solar system and the classical planets as its revolving petals. These planets are arranged according to the 'Chaldean Order', with Saturn being the slowest and farthest and the Moon being the fastest and closest. The outer circle of the Talisman features magical Solar Sigils that are engraved from Albertus Magnus's (12th century) "Treatise of the 12 heavenly signs and their seals."

Solar Flower Equinox Pendant

15% Discount Until March 29th 2023

Core Astrological Magic Course 2023

We are also delighted to invite you to join Michael Ofek, our Astrologer and Magician, in his Core Astrological Magic Course 2023, which will commence on April 16th.

Featuring a unique collaboration with other experts in the field:
  • Our own David Weitzman, which will instruct in the assembly and craftsmanship of the talisman.
  • Dr. Dan Attrell - historian, translator, and scholar of medieval and early modern Latin texts. He has translated several esoteric texts, including the renowned Astral Magic compilation - the Picatrix.
  • Co-facilitated by JD Kelley, host of the Astromagia conferences and the president of the IAAM (International Association of Astral Magic).

This course is designed to provide the most comprehensive learning experience of astrological magic available - from its philosophical and theoretical foundations to its direct experience and practical applications. The course culminates in the joint creation of a magical talisman.

Signup and reserve your place at  -
Facebook event -

Core Astrological Magic Course 2023

Thank you for reading
May all Beings Be Happy
David and Ka-Gold Team

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