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This newsletter is dedicated to magic, that hidden power, that when you control it, you can by its mean change reality. For this reason, I rushed to my workshop to create The Egyptian magic ring. The motif that appears in the center of the ring is the eye of Horus. This is a perfect symbol that combines within it logic and realism and also belief in the power of magic, a perfect balance between knowledge and feelings.
The eye itself is made up of seven parts that represent mathematical fractions and the mathematical and measurement system of ancient Egypt. The Eye of Horus was a talisman of protection and health and represented the royal power.
The Egyptian lotus flower on the sides of the ring symbolizes the victory of the soul, due to the fact that it blooms during the day and at night closes and submerges into the water.
The ring is a perfect symbol of knowledge and belief in cosmic forces.
A story about Magic - my adorable  Dog
This is the magic of my Marmenu (Italian Shepherd mix) dog.
Seven years ago I received a telephone call from my girlfriend in the evening, informing me that there are puppies crawling around in the entrance to our house. It turns out, they belonged to an abandoned dog who gave birth to them in our courtyard. The Mother dog was in bad shape, she was exhausted and suffered from malnutrition and therefore could not care for the newborn pups. We gathered the pups and took them home to care for them. The mother gained strength quickly. Shortly after the pups grew up, we gave them away and kept the mum and one pup for ourselves. We found out that the father was an Italian Shepherd, a wonderful breed of sheepdogs that exist since Roman times and protects sheep herds till this day in the Pyrenees. People would literally stop me in the street and ask to have their photo taken with the her. I called her Kesem (Magic in Hebrew) and she is part of our family to this day…

This is a South Korean magazine on jewelry that I received in the mail, where there is an article about me, as part of a series of articles highlighting original designers throughout the world.

Thanks for your help for the Tsunami victims in Japan

This is the thank you letter we received for the donation to the tsunami victims in Japan.
The thanks is obviously to you, our customers, that purchased our jewelry and by doing so, donated to our brothers and sisters in Japan.


Mother earth campaign thank you card

Another thank you card arrived yesterday for the mother earth campaign. It is from Trees for Life for $2350 donations. Number of trees planted - 23500!

Trees for life

Visit our New Designs Page or go to Mother’s Day Related Jewelry page

Thank you
Have a wonderful spring
With Love
David Weitzman and the Ka gold jewelry team.

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