May 2013 Newsletter

New Kabbalah Video, EinSof Pendant and Two New Rings 

I’m glad to introduce the latest video about the origin of the Kabbalah and the meaning, teachings and symbolism of this ancient philosophy. In this next video I will explain how these concepts and ideas found their way to many of my designs. The movie itself was a fascinating journey and it  includes footage from the Galilee,rare archives and of course the workshop itself.

Kabbalah Jewelry new video

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And if not now,when?
In my eternal journey of searching meaningful and inspirational jewels that will impact and will act as a catalyst in someone's life I'm glad to add this ring to my collection.I got the idea from a client of mine (Babette Dorn).The engraving is in Hebrew and it is an ancient Jewish saying that belongs to Hillel who was one of the wisest and most important leaders during the time of the "Tannaim" about 2000 years ago. The font is the original Hebrew/Assyrian font of the Torah.

And if not now when ring   And if not now when ring
And if not now when? Ring Gold And if not now when? Ring Silver

The meaning of the Hebrew saying is "And if not now,when?" - the full phrase is "If I am not for myself, who will be for me? And when I am for myself, what am 'I'? And if not now, when?".
I believe that this phrase is the most important key for gaining control over our lives and for success.The majority of us tend to live in the world of "tomorrow".Tomorrow I will start a diet/go to the gym/start my new project etc.... As a wise and very successful man once told me "many poor people are rich; they have excuses in abundance...."

Let there be light ring
A new ring with the translation of the Hebrew engraving "Let there be light" in the original Assyrian fonts from the Torah.

Sums up everything!!!

Let There be Light ring   Let There be Light ring
Let There be Light ring Gold Let There be Light ring Silver

EinSof Pendant
This pendant is the ultimate symbol of something that actually cannot be symbolized or described... It is the Ein Sof pendant. Ein Sof is the ancient kabbalah term or concept
which literally means “The one that has no end” or “The infinite” or “No End”. The term refers to the undefined source of existence or God. An infinite force which is devoid of any definition and is the source of our finite materialistic universe.

EinSof Pendant   EinSof Pendant
EinSof Pendant Silver and Gold EinSof Pendant Gold

The main symbol in the center of the pendant is the Monad. The  circle with a point in it’s center. The term Monad comes from the Greek word "Menein" which means "to be  stable" and from the Greek word "Monas" which means "Oneness".

The relation of the monad to other numbers can be seen metaphorically - any number when multiplied or divided by one remains the same; So the monad preserves the identity of everything in existence. When the ancient philosophers noticed this they wondered how does how this one/unity state become the many? The answer was "as a reflection" - that is why it is the perfect symbol for pure consciousness existence and creation.

The Monad is the first stage of creation from which evolves the Seed of Life, Flower of Life and the Fruit of Life and the pattern of creation itself.

Around this symbol there is an engraving of the Hebrew word/Kabbalah term -
Ein Sof in the exact Hebrew/Assyrian fonts of the Torah. The shape/structure of these letters reveal philosophical concepts and some of the mystic doctrines of the Kabbalah .

Products  From Kabbalah Jewelry Video

Over Soul Pendant Over - Soul pendant silver The Light Pendant The Light Pendant
Tetractys Tetractys 72 sacred names 72 sacred names

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Thank you for reading
With Love
David and Ka-Gold Team

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