May 2014 Newsletter

The New Cosmic Motto Pendant - Custom Engraved with Your Life's Motto

A few weeks ago while working on some new designs I was listening to an old song and suddenly realized that the lyrics were brilliant.What really caught my attention was one of the sentences which actually depicts immaculately my life’s motto. A few days later Yaron, the website manager gave me a call and during the conversation he suggested that I'll create a personal customized pendant with a special meaningful sentence or word that has great significance for the customer. Obviously I liked this idea and eventually came up with the “Cosmic Motto” pendant.

A Powerful Reminder of your Life's Motto for Creating Reality and Focus on what Matters the Most in your Life

The basic idea is that each one of you will choose a word or a phrase that has a great significance and meaning. My brother Jonathan, the master engraver, will engrave it on a small plate of silver or gold, and it will be placed inside the pendant. The symbol and image I chose for this one are the two cherubs representing the male/female aspect of creation, holding the Vesica Pisces structure (the two intersecting circles). This symbol is the foundation of creation, consciousness and existence and it aligns with the wearer's intention in the phrase in order to create his/her own reality.

15% Discount on the Cosmic Motto and Related Designs
Valid until 4th of June

The Vesica pisces structure is the mathematical/geometrical basis of the cosmic laws and reality. I've made this symbol for the Vesica Pisces Ring and also the First Day of Creation pendant, and I find it perfect for this purpose and this design since it represent in an immaculate way, how your motto, intention, purpose or source of inspiration become a reality.

It is a reminder of the creative active force with our own personal declaration of what it is exactly the thing we want to create.

Related Designs to Focus your Power to create your Own Reality

We’ve added some other original inspirational designs that are meant to work as powerful reminders of your life’s motto, a source of inspiration, dedication, fulfillment, setting and achieving your goals.

Karma Pendant Silver
KarmaPendant Silver
Karma Pendant Gold
Karma Pendant Gold
Vesica Pisces Ring Gold
Vesica Pisces Ring Gold
Gods Word Gold
Gods Word Gold
Gods Word Silver
Gods Word Silver
Vesica Pisces Ring Silver
Vesica Pisces Ring Silver
What Were You Made For - Pendant Gold
What Were You Made For -  Gold
Vesica Pisces Silver
Vesica Pisces Silver
Vesica Pisces Gold
Vesica Pisces Gold
What Were You Made For - Pendant Silver
What Were You Made For - Silver
Will Power Pendant Silver
Will Power Pendant Silver
Will Power Pendant Gold
Will Power Pendant Gold

15% Discount on the Cosmic Motto and Related Designs

Thank you for reading
David and Ka-Gold Team

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