May 2017 Newsletter

New Neptune in Pisces Talisman for Serenity and the Ability to “Let Go”

The last time we made a Talisman for Neptune was in 2012, when he made his ingress into Pisces. Since then his energy is only gaining momentum and is reflected in many aspects of our lives, and our evolving spiritual sensitivity.

At last, we are happy to announce that we will be making this unique Talisman of Neptune in Pisces once again, this time while the Moon is in an exact conjunction with Neptune, while both are on the Midheaven. The Moon is also the ruler of the rising sign (Cancer), and the Midheaven falls in the 9 sign (whole sign houses) which further emphasizes the Talisman invocation of spiritual wisdom and inspiration.

A limited edition will be assembled on the 20th of May 2017 between 07:47-08:10 GMT +3 during the Moon and Neptune conjunction

Neptune in Pisces Silver
15% Discount Until May 30th 2017

This Is a Talisman for heightened emotional and spiritual sensitively, intuition, dreams, visions, imagination and altered states of consciousness. It invokes compassion, empathy, selflessness, serenity and the ability to “let go”, relax and “go with the flow” of life.


Neptune in Pisces Silver and gold
15% Discount Until May 30th 2017

It helps in opening the heart, not only to other people but also to oneself and to life and beauty in general, invoking a sense of oneness and interconnectedness. It also enhances any “right brain” activity, the arts, music and any abstract forms of expression and vision. It is very good for those who do spiritual work, healers and seekers, and will help enhance their higher connection and abilities.

It can serve as a remedy for those who are emotionally rigid, too logical (left brainers), un-spontaneous, or suffer from lack of faith and/or a feeling of spiritual emptiness.

Neptune in Pisces gold
15% Discount Until May 30th 2017

Tibetan Knot Special
The Tibetan knot (Srivatsa or the endless knot) is one of the eight symbols of the Tibetan Buddhism. The Tibetan knot can stand for karmic consequences: pull here, something happens over there. It is an apt symbol for the Vajrayana methods: Often when we tug at one part of a knot while trying to loosen it, another part gets tighter. You have to work with the knot to get it to come undone. In its endless configuration, it evokes the cyclic nature of rebirth and also calls karmic connections to mind.

Mother's day Jewelry
15% Discount Until May 24th 2017

The Tibetan Knot symbol also represents Samsara (the endless cycle of birth, death, and rebirth). The symbol has no beginning or end which symbolize the wisdom of the Buddha.

The Tibetan knot pendant helps the wearer to realize the natural rule of cause and effect. It also reminds the wearer the need to let go and work with the knot and not against it.

Thank you for reading
With Great Love
David and Ka-Gold Team

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