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Pleroma is derived from the ancient Greek meaning “fullness”. It is a concept from early Christianity, Gnosticism and in a way similar to the concepts that can be found in early Kabbalah. The Pleroma concept sees the primordial cosmos or the spiritual universe as the abode of God and of the totality of the divine powers and emanations. In early Christianity, it is the totality or fullness of the Godhead which dwells in Christ.

Pleroma Silver Pendant

Price: $230 USD

Pleroma Gold Pendant

Price: $3,441 USD

The symbol itself contains endless concepts which were derived directly from the ancient Greek philosophy. The diagram contains the Monad (the point). The beginning, the focal point of creation. Which is also the “Bythus” - the unknown and unknowable Father. Then we have the triangle - derived from the monad - the point and from it came the pair or Duad which represents “Mind” and “Truth”. Next, we have the square which represents the Logos (word, cosmic thought), the “Anthropos” - ”Man, and the two female aspects of “LIFE” ( Zoe) and Ekklesia - ”The Church of Assembly”. So we have the SEVEN - the triangle which represents Spirit and the Square which represents matter. You can also find the Pentad and the concept of order and chaos in this symbol and much more. These are just some of the hidden symbols of the Pleroma.

Related Designs

Monad Ring

A symbol of unity. On the sides engraved in ancient greek – know thyself. The term Monad comes from the Greek word "Menein" which means "to be stable" and from the Greek word "Monas" which means "Oneness". The ancient Greeks called the Monad – the base, the essence, the foundation and the builder.

Monad Ring Silver

Price: $131 USD

Monad Ring Gold

Price: $1,488 USD

The Word Pendant

There is a ring around the pendant on which the word "Beresheet" (Genesis) is engraved. This word is divided into two parts so that it creates a sentence in ancient Aramaic - "Bara sheet" = created six. This refers to the projection within the empty space to each of the six directions, to create the familiar 3D space thus the source of creation - The one that is known in the Kabbalah as the "Ein Sof" - The one that has no end created time and space. On one side of the pendant appears the Hebrew word "Vayomer" (and God said) which represents the Idea that creation itself was made by the use of a divine thought being transmuted to the Hebrew alphabet and to words.

Gods Word Gold

Price: $1,018 USD

Gods Word Silver

Price: $127 USD

Ka Pendant

The Monad symbol in the middle (circle and dot) is made with gold - a symbol of the sun. The triangle around this structure represents the “three forces of creation”-- the positive, the negative and the neutral. It represents how the “primal order of the cosmos” which was in a state of unity and oneness divides itself into a state of a trinity - creator, creatures and creation and “used“ the basic pattern of the Seed of Life in that process.

Vesica Pisces Pendant

The Vesica Pisces pendant also contains the Cherubim which were set upon the Ark of the Covenant. The Cherubim are holding the Vesica Pisces. On one side of the pendant appears the Hebrew word "Tohu Va Vohu" and on the other side "EHEYE ASHER EHEYE".
The old testament states that in the beginning, God created the earth and the sky and that the earth was "TOHU VA VOHU" (darkness upon the void). The Hebrew word "TOHU VA VOHU" was seen by most people as chaos, a lack of any order. However, it is written that the land was darkness upon the void. In other words, an empty space, a void, nothingness - and nothingness cannot be in a state of disorder! The solution to the meaning of the word is hidden in the word itself and it's sound. Repeat the word "TOHU VA VOHU" - it's a sound that repeats itself - "movement then rest". When we start to examine what matter is made of we get to molecules and then to atoms. Atoms are composed of particles moving around each other at great speed. When scientists searched for what these particles are made of they found various wavelengths (frequencies).

Vesica Pisces Gold

Price: $2,158 USD

Vesica Pisces Silver

Price: $139 USD

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