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Father’s Day special and Personalized Astrology Talisman made with your Birth Chart

In this month’s newsletter - a first glance into our upcoming, most exciting new project - the Personal Cosmic Sigil Talisman. Also in this newsletter, the Father’s day special. 

Your Personal Cosmic Sigil Talisman
For a long time I have been looking for an idea for a one of a kind talisman. Something that I make specifically for you, which encapsulates and reflects precisely what you are and what you can become. With this inspiration, I came up with this customized Talisman.

Here’s how it works:
You send your date and time of birth. Our expert in house astrologer Michael Ofek will use your chart and locate a special time that is beneficial for you, the wearer. The talisman will contain an accurate map of this unique empowering  location of the stars that is beneficial for you. I will embed the jewel with one of the four classical elements that represents the qualities that most benefit you and will assemble the talisman during the right time.

Custom Astrology Pendant
It's a very complex piece but this challenge invigorates my passion even more for bringing you meaningful and innovative talismans.

Father’s Day 19th of June 2011
Fathers represent support, guidance, education and down to earth love. There is no better way to show your appreciation and respect for the one who brought you life and showed you the ropes than gifting him something with meaning. David has chosen a collection of jewelry with related meanings and specially discounted them for this occasion.

You are welcome to visit and enjoy a 12% discount, valid until June 15.
Mars Talisman Silver Inlaid Victory Ring silver Jupiter Talisman Silver
Mars Talisman Silver Inlaid Victory Ring silver Jupiter Talisman Silver
Ring of Courage silver Dragon pendant silver MAGEN AVOT pendant gold
Ring of Courage silver Dragon pendant silver MAGEN AVOT gold

Visit our Father’s Day Jewelry page

Thank you
Have a wonderful spring
With Love
David Weitzman and the Ka gold jewelry team.

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