May  2012 Newsletter

New Mercury Cazimi Talisman, New Four Elements Jewelry and a Genuine Mayan Artifact

In this newsletter we have three subjects: Mercury CAZIMI Talisman, New Genuine Mayan jewelry for 2012 and The Four Elements Earrings and Pendants. We are also offering 14% discount on the new products and the whole Four Elements collection.

14% Discount on Mercury and the Four Elements Jewelry
Valid Until 27/05/2012
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Mercury CAZIMI Talisman
Limited edition for CAZIMI event - I will assemble only 12 talismans.
This month we are doing a very special and powerful talisman for the planet Mercury. On 27th of May between 13:41-15:37, Mercury will enter its own sign – Gemini, where it is strongly placed and will be closely conjuncted with the Sun in less than 0.17 a degree. This was called CAZIMI or "at the heart of the Sun" by the ancient astrologers.This event strengthens the planet’s influence and power. In it’s CAZIMI state the planet is a “king for a day” sitting at the “solar throne”. Mercury's powers are magnified and it is also in it’s own sign - so he is working in his own essential power.

Mercury CAZIMI Talisman
Mercury is the messenger of the gods, he symbolizes our intellect, mental outlook and the way we think and communicate. Mercury as Hermes is the emblem for the magus, the wise counselor and the divine messenger.
Even more than that-as this conjunction occurs very close to the south node of the Moon (eclipse point), it will give Mercury an appetite for the occult, the hidden truth helping to open up the intellect to the profound secrets of the universe.

Genuine Mayan Artifact
Here is the first harvest of a new luxurious line which will be ready by the end of 2012- it's a Mayan pendant for a queen made from oxidized silver and gold, set with diamonds and emeralds. It is based on genuine Mayan artifacts that were discovered in Panama.
The symbol at the bottom of the pendant is the ancient Mayan symbol for planet Venus.

Genuine Mayan Artifact

After Iv’e recived many requests from you for creating earrings and pendants similar to the Four Elements rings ; I’m glad to introduce these new pieces:

The Four Elements Earrings and Pendants
Air element
The air element earrings and pendants contains the symbol of the Egret bird. The bird carried by the air symbolizes the spiritual ability to see the "big picture", to see the world from above. The bird represents lack of attachment. The Air element represents movement and sound as also the prana or the life force-- which flows through our body with each breath. The pendant and earrings are inlaid with cubic zirconia or diamonds.

Air Element Pendant Silver small Air Element Pendant Gold small
The Air Element Earrings Silver The Air Element Earrings Gold

Earth Element
The earth earring contains the symbol of tree with fruits. The earth represents the solid, earthy ground known to be related to the first Chakra. Among the five platonic solids it is parallel to the cube. The pendant and earrings are inlaid with cubic zirconia or diamonds.
Earth Element Pendant Silver small Earth Element Pendant Gold small
The Earth Element Earrings Silver The Earth Element Earrings Gold

Water Element
The water earring contains symbols of two fish and a water lily. The fish, like the water, symbolizes abundance and the lotus flower epitomizes spirituality. Water represents change, flow and adaptation. The pendant and earrings are inlaid with cubic zirconia or diamonds.
Water Element Pendant Silver small Water Element Pendant Gold small
The Water Element Earrings Silver The Water Element Earrings Gold

Fire Element
The fire element earring contains the symbol of the phoenix. Fire represents the heating factor that burns the past and brings rebirth. In Alchemy fire is the element of metamorphosis and distillation. The pendant and earrings are inlaid with cubic zirconia or diamonds.

Fire Element Pendant Silver small Fire Element Pendant Gold small
The Fire Element Earrings Silver The Fire Element Earrings Gold

With Love
David and Ka-Gold Team

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