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We present this newsletter to you with :
  • Vibrant designs from David Weitzman all available at a 15% discount until the end of June 2009.
  • David's new Gold Item Lucky draw (your participation requires prior approval)
  • Graduation & New Beginning Gifts

15% Discount on all New Designs

Sri Yantra
Yantra is an ancient Hindu concept that describes a structure or diagram used to balance or focus the consciousness in order to achieve Nirvana.
Wearing this sacred geometrical symbol brings affluence, abundance, blessings and love. It provides a balance between male and female and between spiritual and material.
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The Metatron Cube
Metatron's Cube represents the grid work of our consciousness and the framework of our Universe. This structure is born out of the "Fruit of Life" and can be seen in ancient sites around the world the pendant is used to heighten our consciousness to higher levels.

Metatron Cube
Metatron Cube
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The OverSoul pendant
The bearer's name is engraved in Hebrew on a small plate in this pendant. "Neshama" meaning "Soul" in Hebrew is inscribed between the initials of the name. The OverSoul pendant is a personalized unique charm. The small canister is inscribed with the word "NESHMAT KOL HAI" (OverSoul).
This pendant is known to bring in success, prosperity and protection and is an ancient remedy.

OverSoul pendant
OverSoul pendant
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Karma - Thought precedes action pendant
 "Sof Maase Bemachshva Techila" says the Hebrew inscription on this pendant.  This means "The end of a deed is in its first thought". The pendant contains a live olive seed.  The seed epitomizes the initial thought or idea in a person's mind that shall eventually take shape and form.

The pendant serves as a constant reminder to its wearer to enrich his mind with good thoughts so they may translate into good deeds. This pendant is excellent for fulfillment of one's dreams and ambitions and is a constant source of strength and motivation.

Karma - Thought precedes action pendant
Karma - Thought precedes action pendant
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The Ring of change
This ring is another version of the Happiness ring and contains an inscription in English which says "This too shall Pass".
Reality is in a constant state of change. When one clings on and attaches himself deeply to things without realizing that "this too will change and pass" is destined to feel the sorrows of severance.

The ring of change
The ring of change
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David's new gold item lucky draw

Your participation in this lucky draw requires prior approval.

About a month ago, we started a running a new lucky draw for our newsletter members. The first lucky draw was held on June 1st.  The winner is Kara Spencer and she won the "The Flower of Life 14k gold" jewelry.

Golden spiral 14k
The next lucky draw will take place on 1st of August. The prize item is the beautiful 14k golden spiral pendant (or any other jewelry equivalent in price)

Graduation and new beginning gifts

Many of you are graduating school or college or you have a friend who is graduating. For some of those graduating it is a great feeling of endless possibilities. For others it is terrifying. David's jewelry can help set the right mindset for fulfilling your dreams and help make a special statement to the graduate in your life! Give a gift that will someday be a cherished memory.

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