Newsletter number 2

Issued at 5/8/2006

Welcome to David Weitzman ka gold jewelry second newsletter.


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  4. Plans for the future.


Since the first newsletters we have added translation to four other languages: French, German, Spanish and Japanese. For the comfort of world wide users we added quick links from products and categories pages to view same page in different languages.


New Products:

Star of David (possible with cat’s eye)

Star of David silver
Star of david

Egyptian Ankh and lotus necklace
The Egyptian Ankh and lotus necklace includes the lotus flower and the Egyptian Ankh, known as the key of life.

Ankh silver
Ankh gold

Eye of Horus
The eye in this pendant is a known Egyptian symbol called the eye of Horus. The eye of Horus was used as a symbol of protection and health.

Eye of Horus silver
Eye of Horus gold

Key of love
The key of love is based on the Shema Israel prayer and contain the three terms that describe the way people are ought to love the one g-d.

Key of love silver

Ring of Courage
"There would be no one to frighten you if you refused to be afraid."
Mohandas K. Gandhi
The ring of courage is intended to give the wearer the understanding that fear is one of the greatest causes of ones suffering and cleans your thoughts, making them vanish.

Ring of Courage silver
Ring of Courage gold

The ring of Love
Engraved on the ring of love is the sentence “Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself”. This sentence appears in Leviticus 19/18 among other social commandments. This sentence is especially known because of Rabbi Akiva who lived in the Roman times. Rabbi Akiva considered this sentence as the highest of all commandments.

Ring of Love silver
Ring of Love gold

Shema Israel
Shema Israel prayer is most known prayer in Judaism. The source of the sentence is from Jacob who is named Israel. When Jacob was about to die he called his sons upon him and swore them to continue to believe in the one G-d. The meaning of this prayer is hear O Israel, meaning hear Jacob; our G-d is the one G-d.

Shema Israel silver
Shema Israel gold

Viking’s freedom bracelet
Viking’s freedom bracelet silver
Viking’s freedom bracelet gold

New articles:

Star of David
The "Star of David" is known in Hebrew as Magen David, which literally means the "shield of David," apparently from the popular notion that the Beloved King of Israel wore this symbol on his shields, although there is no evidence that this is true.

For the full article please go to Star of David Article

The meaning of Talismans
The word "Talisman," derived from the Greek verb "teleo," means, primarily, to accomplish, or bring into effect. The Talisman is an object marked with magic signs and is believed to confer on its bearer supernatural powers or protection. Virtually every religion in human history has offered as adherents small decorative objects which purport to do anything ranging between healing, protection or success.

For the full article please go to Talismans article

Plans for the future:

Model design jewelry contest
David’s website development team is currently developing a model design jewelry contest. The contest will allow each of you to design its own model and add it to the contest. Each website visitor will be able to vote for three models.
The prize will be David implementation of the model in 14K gold (or 5 in silver).
We will send another newsletter in the next few months declaring the start of the contest.

Thank you for taking the time to read our newsletter.
Let’s hope peace will come forth on us (a lot of hope is needed here in Israel…)
David Weitzman and Ka gold jewelry team

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