Newsletter 3

Issued at End of March 2007

Welcome to David Weitzman ka gold jewelry third newsletter.
In this newsletter we bring you 8 new models which are added to our website. 

New Products:

Star of David for protection

star of david for protection

star of david for protection

Genuine Egyptian Scarab
A Genuine Scarab beetle with a real Scarab beetle that was born and died naturally!!!
Genuine Egyptian Scarab gold

Horeb Unification
Designed by Milton Thompson and won David's jewelry design contest.
Horeb Unification silver

Horeb Unification gold

The Ring of Tao
The ring of Tao contains the Hebrew engraving of the sentence – "The road is wiser than the one who walks in its path". In the middle of the ring appears the symbol of the Tao. The Taoism is an ancient Chinese philosophy based on the book "Tao te ching".
The ring of Tao

The ring of Tao

72 sacred names of g-d
According to the Jewish tradition there is a formula or a name that defines g-d in a total way. The name is made of 216 letters. The origin of the name is in Exodus 14. The Pendant contains the Tablets of stone and around them the crown and lions as it appeared in ancient Jewish drawings.
72 sacred names silver

72 sacred names silver

The butterfly effect
The butterfly effect is one of the terms related to the Chaos theory. The phrase was named by Edward Lorenz a metrology researcher who discovered chaotic behavior in differential equations.

The butterfly effect

The butterfly effect

Key of realization
In the middle of the pendant there is the Hebrew word – VESHIVITI which is a part of the sentence – VESHIVITI ADONY LENGDY TAMID. The sentence's translation is – "And I put g-d in front of me always". The meaning of this sentence is that g-d is in everything and that he "wears" all different life forms.

Key of realization

Key of realization

Key of Destiny
The destiny pendant symbolizes the destiny of each human being as part of the whole creation. The sentence engraved in Hebrew on the pendant is "Arise, go to Nineveh", taken from the book of Jonah.

Key of Destiny

Key of Destiny
Cosmic wish box
The cosmic wish box pendant is made to help the wearer realize knowledge and information by connecting to a secret Etheric knowledge called the Akashic library.
Cosmic wish box

Cosmic wish box


Plans for the future:

David's wife is an expert for gemstones.
Together we are working on developing a library of knowledge and pictures of Gemstones.
Hopefully, this library will be ready for our next newsletter.


Thank you for taking the time to read our newsletter .
David Weitzman and Ka gold jewelry team

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