Newsletter 5

Issued at 8/12/2007

Ka Gold Jewelry 5th Newsletter
New creations by David Weitzman and thoughts for the holidays 
December 2007 
David Weitzman and all of the Ka Gold Jewelry team would like to wish you very happy and joyful holidays with your loved ones!!!
In this issue
Giving a gift from your heart - thoughts for the holidays
David's New Creations
New Articles
Giving a gift from your heart - thoughts for the holidays
"A gift is a voluntary act which does not require anything in return".
Taken from Wikipedia

Giving to others is a basic act of love. All religions emphasis the act of "giving without expecting anything in return" as one of the noble acts. Not expecting anything in return means we enjoy the pleasure of giving and we focus on the receiver happiness.

Many people buy David's creations as gifts for their loved ones. Each and every jewel is meant to remind the wearer of some understanding or a way of being that will inspire him. For example - the ring of love is meant to remind the wearer to be loving and open for others' love. We give someone the ring of love because we believe that for them the possibility of being loving will be something that will inspire them. Something to which they will immediately be connected and will always cherish.

David's New creations
I Ching pendant
The I Ching is a tool to examine how a human being responds to the processes occurring in the universe. The I Ching gives us the ability to see data and reasons that are usually hidden from us.
I Ching pendant silver  I Ching pendant Gold

"I love therefore I am" ring
"I love therefore I am" ring is a paraphrase on the known philosopher Descartes' famous claim - "I think therefore I am". Descartes was trying to prove logically that he exists. The phrase is better known in Latin as - "Cogito ergo sum". In this ring the phrase was changed from a logical claim to one that sums the essence of the entire creation - "I love therefore I am" or in Latin - "Diligo ergo sum".
I love therefore I am ring silver  I love therefore I am ring gold
Buddhi ring - two versions
Buddhi ring is made in the shape of Ficus religiosa leaves, known as the tree under which the prince Siddhartha Gautama reached awakening and understanding of the source of all suffering.
Inlaid Buddhi ring silver  Inlaid Buddhi ring gold
Buddhi ring silver  Buddhi ring gold
MAGEN AVOT pendant
In the center of The MAGEN AVOT pendant is engraved the name of Abraham, surrounded by the names of the fathers and the mothers.
It is interesting to see that by taking the first letters of the names of the Fathers and the mothers - we receive the name Israel.
Father's protection pendant silver  Father's protection pendant gold

Magic Square pendant and ring
A magic square is a square table in which all numbers columns, from all directions, have the same numerical value. In Hebrew each letter has also a numerical value. In the magic square pendant the numerical value of each column is 15 which is equivalent to the letters YOD, HE, used as one of the Hebrew names of G-D.
Magic square pendant silver  Magic square pendant gold
Magic square ring silver  Magic square ring gold

Shinto (Torii gate) ring
The ring is made in the shape of the Torii gate that appears at the entrances of Shinto shrines and other holy places in Japan. The gate symbolizes the entrance to the holy space where there are good spirits and forces of nature.
Shinto (Torii gate) ring silver  Shinto (Torii gate) ring gold

Rabbi Meir pendant
Reb Meir Ba'al Ha-Nes was one of the known Tannaim that lived in Israel in Roman times. He was the pupil of Rabbi Akiva and is mentioned in many stories in the Gemara. He is related with many miracles and that is the source for the name Ba'al Ha-Nes (miracle owner).
Rabbi Meir pendant silver  Rabbi Meir pendant gold

ARAFEL (fog) Ring
Thousands of years after the hero's death in the book Dune, the hidden treasure of the drug that gives prophetic power was found. On the wall next to the drug was one word carved in Hebrew- ARAFEL (fog). This word expresses the deepest wish to be able not see everything and experience real joy and curiosity in life.

ARAFEL (fog) Ring silver  ARAFEL (fog) Ring gold
New articles
The Kabbalah
The Kabbalah (also known as kabala, cabala) means in Hebrew "reception" in the meaning of "received tradition" and indeed the term historically referred to all Judaism's oral law such as the words of the ancient prophets from the bible. Over time, many of the teachings were recorded and put available to all. 
Click for the Kabbalah Article

Nautilus Shell
The Nautilus (in Greek 'sailor') has survived relatively unchanged for 450 million years and is one of the only shells to survive from the Dinosaurs era. This is why the Nautilus is sometimes referred to as a "living fossil". The Nautilus is a nocturnal creature and spends most of its time in the great depths of the ocean.  Click for the Nautilus Shell Article

The Hamsa (also known as Khamsa) is a hand shaped amulet used for protection by both Jewish and Muslim people. Its name comes from a Semitic root and literally means "five". The Hamsa is usually shaped in the form of a symmetrical hand, with thumbs on both side, and not in the anatomically correct way.

Click for the Hamsa article

Thank you
Many Blessings
David Weitzman and the Ka gold jewelry team
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