Newsletter 6

Issued at 9th of April  2008

Ka Gold Jewelry 6th Newsletter
New creations from David Weitzman
David Weitzman and all of the Ka Gold Jewelry team would like to send you their love and hopes that things are working best for you in your life.
In this issue

New Mokume technique

David's New Creations

New Logo for Ka Gold Jewelry

New Mokume technique
In the last few months David has been working to learn an exciting technique of metal crafting called Mokume Gane. The Mokume Gane technique was developed in 17th century Japan, following the example of the layered metal technique found in the "katana" Samurai's sword. The literal meaning of Mokume Gane is "Metal that looks like knots in wood".
The production of Mokume is a long process that requires concentration and precision.

David working on the Mokum   The mokume at work

The use of The Mokume allows David as an artist to master the production of the material itself, and not just the usual process of working with prepared metals as in ordinary silver and gold crafting.
The Mokume rings are widely used as wedding rings, because of the symbolism reflected in the unification of the different metals, expressed in the merging of the two metals into one integrated texture that is simply breathtaking in its harmonious beauty.

Mokume ring silver   Mokume rings gold
David's New creations
Mokume ring and Tsuba Mokume
As stated in the paragraph above, David is working with an exciting new technique for metal crafting called Mokume gane.
Mokume ring silver  Mokum tsuba

Priestly blessings star pendant with cat's eye Chrysoberyl
This is a special design which incorporates Star of David together with the priestly blessings prayer. The pendant is inlaid with precious cat's eye Chrysoberyl stone.
Priestly blessings star silver  Priestly blessings star silver
The Tsuba reflected Japanese tradition and included traditional Japanese geometric models. The Tsubas included images from nature in accordance with Haiku poetry that describes a moment in time and traditional symbols that reflect courage, fidelity, diligence and clarity of thought.
David wrote about the Tsubas - "The Tsubas from my point of view represent the symbol of "The Diamond sword" from Zen philosophy". The Tsuba is a symbol of courage, fidelity and diligence.
Basho Tsuba  Tsuba with cranes silver  Ants tsuba
Happiness pendant - child like pendant!
The Happiness pendant symbolizes our childhood - the time when we felt the freedom to dream, the freedom to aspire to manifest ourselves, without fear or apprehension. The pendant allows us to remember the forgotten moments of our childhood. It revives the eternal child that exists within all of us and is forgotten with the passing of the years.

happiness pendant silver  happiness pendant gold

Talismanic keys
This is a set of talismans designed as keys and engraved with different traditional Jewish good luck sayings.
Peace angel key silver  Key of victory gold  Road talismans silver
Key of victory silver
Road talisman key silver
Road talisman key gold

Grace and Truth pendant
"Grace and truth champion (are superior to) gold and silver" was written by rabbi Nachman of Braslav as a good luck saying for abundance and success. Gold and silver function as symbol for abundance in the Jewish tradition. The concepts of "truth" and "grace" are mentioned together frequently. The accepted interpretation of these terms is: Truth - an obligatory fulfillment or a promise; Grace - a deed that is beyond obligation or promise
Grace and truth silver  Grace and truth gold

You may browse through all new designs at new creations category

New Logo for Ka Gold Jewelry
Those of you who entered our website must have noticed our new logo. We would be very happy to hear what you think of it.

Ka gold jewelry logo

Thank you
All the best
David Weitzman and the Ka gold jewelry team
phone: 972-3-5730855 8:00-16:00 Israel Time


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