Newsletter 7

Issued at 12th of June  2008

Ka Gold Jewelry 7th Newsletter
New creations from David Weitzman and a special offer for graduation gifts
Hello again from Ka gold jewelry and David Weitzman.
In this issue
  • David's New Creations
  • Special sales for Graduation gifts

David's New creations
Priestly Blessing Five Metals ring "The wearer of this ring will have miraculous success wherever he or she may go"
Sefer Refuah ve Hayim (The Health and Life Book)
This ring is a combination of the Five metals ring engraved with the priestly blessing prayer.
Priestly Blessings Five Metals ring  

Will Power Pendant
The will power pendant is meant to strengthen the wearer's will power while keeping the balance and harmony with the world around. The bent spoon symbolizes the power of the consciousness and its influence on the materialistic world.
Will Power Pendant silver  Will Power Pendant gold
Norse Amulet
The Norse Amulet was designed by Florence MAQUET and won David's jewelry design contest of January - February 2008
"I looked for the ideal Norse pendant a long time. I checked out thousand Norse and Viking motives, old and newer design, antique and modern jewelry. My drawing is a blend of older Norse motives, used in the Scandinavian culture. It's a blend of amulet, shield, and old brooch from Norway"
Florence MAQUET
Norse Amulet silver   
Winged Scarab
The Scarab Beetle is one of the most common symbols in ancient Egyptian amulets and art works. The scarab has a famous habit of rolling balls of dung into small holes in the ground, laying its eggs inside the balls so that the larvae could use them for food. When the dung was consumed and the young beetles came out the Egyptians considered it a "spontaneous creation" thus worshipping this beetle as the god "Khepera", meaning "The one who came forth".

Winged Scarab silver  Winged Scarab gold

Odin's Knot
The pendant is based upon a design made by a designer named Kai. The design won David's jewelry design contest. Odin's knot pendant is the symbol of the god Odin which appears in the Nordic mythology. The pendant is composed of three triangles joined together. The two ravens on the pendant represent Odin's two ravens - Huginn ("thought") and Muninn ("memory") that show the wearer all that is in the worlds.
Odin's Knot silver  Odin's Knot gold 

You may browse through all new designs at new creations category

Special sales for Graduation gifts 
Graduation is a junction in the sprint of life; one phase completed, the next is yet to begin. Provided with knowledge and education, your loved one is going out to the real world, to further learn, exercise, test, experience, live!

What would you wish for your beloved graduate?
Ka Gold Jewelry offers you the opportunity to have your wish wrapped as a gift!
David has selected 10 designs which are suitable for new beginnings.
To view the selected designs please visit - Graduation gifts

Thank you
We wish you great happiness :)
David Weitzman and the Ka gold jewelry team
phone: 972-3-5730855 8:00-16:00 Israel Time


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