Newsletter 8

Issued at 25th of August  2008

Ka Gold Jewelry 8th Newsletter
New creations from David Weitzman and a 10% discount coupon
Hello from Ka gold jewelry and David Weitzman.
In this issue
  • Few words from David

  • David's New Creations
  • 10% discount coupon

Few words from David

Dear Friends,
I'm happy to introduce to you the new designs for August 2008 with symbols of unity, love, balance and fulfillment.
The website team and I are happy to offer 10% discount for our newsletter
subscribers (see details below).
We are also happy to announce that every order will receive a free gift:
Ka-Gold Symbol as an ornament for hanging at home or office. The symbol is composed of a triangle and the inner part of the seed of life. The seed of life is a symbol of creation and enfolds the entire reality. The triangle symbolizes the three forces of creation, a repeating motive in my works. The Ka-gold symbol is a symbol of perfect wish, perfect wisdom and perfect love.

Ka gold jewelry symbol

Ka Gold Jewelry Ornament for hanging
Free gift for every order

David's New creations
Golden spiral Ring and small pendant
Two new version of the golden mean spiral: a smaller version of the old pendant and a ring.
Golden spiral silver small  Golden spiral Gold small  Golden spiral silver ring  Golden spiral gold ring

Fruit of Life Pendant
The Fruit of life is the "Holy of holies" of Sacred Geometry. It is not revealed like the Flower of life which can be found in many places in the world. In fact, it is the hidden secret of Sacred Geometry. 
Fruit of life pendant silver big  Fruit of life pendant gold big

Egg of Life (new version)
The shape of the Egg of Life is the second stage after the structure known as "the Seed of Life" - 7 circles intersecting and known as the geometrical/mathematical basis of the entire creation.

Egg of life pendant silver big  Egg of life pendant gold big
Seed of Life ring
The structure of the Seed of Life is the primary structure of creation. Everything that exists in the universe evolved from this structure since it contains all the mathematics and geometrical laws upon which reality is built. The structure of the seed of Life also symbolizes the seven days of creation.

Seed of life ring silver  Seed of life ring gold

Pattern of Life ring
A beautiful ring composed of the Seed of Life symbol and the Flower of Life. The ring is made in two sizes for your selection.
pattern of life ring silver small  pattern of life ring gold small  Pattern of life ring big silver  Pattern of life ring big gold

Pentagramic Torus knot
The Pentagramic Torus knot is one of the knots that can be created on the Torus tube. The Torus tube is a shape created out of the basic structure of creation - the Seed of Life. It is a 3 dimensional shape that looks like a ball, with its surface going in and out of its center.

Pentagramic torus knot silver  Pentagramic torus knot gold

Torus Tube Pendant
The Torus tube is a shape created out of the basic structure of creation called The Seed of Life. It is a 3-D shape that looks like a ball with its surface going in and out of its center. It is one of the basic shapes of the universe and is considered as the ultimate sign of unity.

Torus tube pendant silver  Torus tube pendant gold
Star of David SHEMA Israel pendant
Shema Israel prayer is the most known prayer in Judaism. The source of the sentence is from Jacob who is named Israel. When Jacob was about to die he called upon his sons and swore them to continue believing in the one G-d. The meaning of this prayer is hear O Israel, meaning hear Jacob; our G-d is the one G-d.
Inlaid Shema Israel star silver  Inlaid Shema Israel star gold
Hamsa BEN PORAT pendant
I created the Ben Porat Yosef Hamsa pendant while looking for a symbol of abundance and fertility in the sources. On the pendant is inscribed: "Ben Porat Yosef, Ben porat alei ayin, bnos tzoados alei shur."
Hamsa ben porat yosef silver  Hamsa ben porat yosef gold
Cosmic wish pendant (Aladdin's lamp)
My intention as the creator of this piece is to open to you, the wearer, the door to unity and understanding that everything that exists is one body, and you are a part of it.

Cosmic wish pendant silver  Cosmic wish pendant gold

10% Discount coupon on all items

Valid until the end of August 2008

To receive the discount, please enter coupon number: BE5535HAPPY at the remarks field of the order form (or at the Paypal remarks field). We will refund the 10% and send you a new order confirmation with the discount.


Thank you
We wish you great happiness :)
David Weitzman and the Ka gold jewelry team
phone: 972-3-5730855 8:00-16:00 Israel Time


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