Newsletter 9

Issued at 25th of November 2008
Ka Gold Jewelry November 2008 Newsletter

Barak Obama election, New designs,
few words from David and plans for the future

Greetings ,  
Congratulations for the citizens of the United state for there election of a new president. We don't know if Barak Obama will be good or bad as a president but it gives us great hope to see people overcome prejudiced and vote for a black middle class person. The message of David through his jewelry is a message of unity between many cultures and religions. We have great hope that Obama will also bring that message to the world.
In this issue
  • Few words from David
  • New Designs
  • Plans for the future

Few words about our changing world:

November issue is sent in times in which the world economy is trying to rebuild itself. There is a lot of fear and uncertainty in the air. Many of my designs incorporate ideas that help me see the brighter parts of such a time.
One of my designs called the ring of happiness includes the scripting "This will also change". For me that simple sentence is a helpful reminder for being happy in times of crisis and at the same time understanding that times of success are also impermanent.

The second model that I find related is the Lotus Flower ring. The lotus flower ring is a symbol of spiritual enfoldment and of humility. The times we are facing are a great opportunity of for developing our spirituality.

Other related jewels I can recommend for times like these are:
The courage pendant (new) - silver, 14K gold
The ring of courage - silver, 14K gold
The will power pendant - silver, 14K gold
The Buddhi ring - silver, 14K gold
And many more

New Designs
The new items for November 2008 include the courage pendant - a version of the popular courage ring (same text), the Labyrinth pendant and a completion of the Torus knot and fruit of life sets.

The item I find most interested in this new line is the Labyrinth. This design is a new design for an old Labyrinth I made few years ago. The old one did not have a filled background but it broke down too much. The seven fold Labyrinth is actually a key to higher dimensions. It represents the 7 chakras and the movement inside it is the same as our spiritual development.
The symbol also contains a very interesting alchemy riddle. You can read about it here:

Plans for the future - Green designs and economy situation 
One thing that makes me very sad is the ecological destruction we bring upon our planet. It is clear to me that the ecological issue must arise to top level priority. I'm now creating a series of ecological designs. The first one is called mother earth. Our plan is to donate the profit from the pendant to organizations like Greenpeace and similar. 
Another issue I'm now working on is a line of designs made to encourage and give hope to people for overcoming the economic crisis.

Thank you
We wish you great happiness :)
David Weitzman and the Ka gold jewelry team
phone: 972-3-5730855 8:00-16:00 Israel Time


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