Four Elements Projects, Holidays Discount and a Must Read Customer Story at the End of the Newsletter 

This newsletter is dedicated to a new project I have just completed called The Four elements project. The project contains four rings, each represents one of the elements – Earth, Water, Air and Fire. The four elements can be found in different cultures around the world. They represent archetypes on which the whole of reality is built on.

The idea behind the four elements project

The four rings were created to as tools for enhancing your life. When selecting the ring for you, focus on what characteristics you wish to empower. It is possible to select the opposite element from your dominant element and in this way, achieve more balance.

Earth Element Ring
Earth Element ring  Earth Element ring
The ring represents stability, Materialistic and practicality

Water Element Ring
Water Element ring  Water Element ring
The ring represents connection to emotions, change and flow

Air Element Ring
Air Element Ring  Air Element Ring
The ring represents spiritualism, lightness and a broad view on life

Fire Element Ring
Fire Element Ring  Fire Element Ring
The ring represents strong energy, passion and aliveness

10% Discount Coupon for the Holidays

Valid until the end of December 2009
The coupon number is: 71826VA8
To use it please add your items to shopping cart and in the shopping cart click the – "I have a coupon". Then enter the coupon number (no spaces) and click on the button to apply the coupon. If you can think of any of your friends that might be interested in this coupon, please forward it to him or her.

Lucky Draw Winners

June 1st (Flower of life gold) – Kara from Eugene USA
August 1st (Golden spiral gold pendant) – Amy from Brooklyn NY USA
October 1st (Genesa Crystal with crystal gold) – Moona from Woodland USA

Diamond Jewelry

After receiving several requests for incorporating diamonds in my designs, I have decided to add few. All the new gold rings in the four elements projects is set with Diamonds at high quality. I have also made a new version with diamonds for two of my older designs – The flower of life pendant and the seed of life pendant.

Flower of life gold with diamonds  Seed of life gold with diamonds
Flower of Life and Seed of Life gold pendants with Diamonds

Touching (and sad) customer story about the Vesica Pisces pendant

"Hi David,
My wife Meirav was born with a rare disease called scleroderma. The disease damaged her kidneys and five years ago, she had a kidney transplant. A year ago, the planted kidney stopped functioning and Meiravi became dependant on oxygen machine.

On October 12 2009, Meiravi died and she was only 37 year old.

Meiravi wore one pendant on her neck. She told me few details about the person who made it and requested to continue wearing it even when she was with a dialyze machine. She told me that when she will feel better we would go and get one for me. A little while before she died she requested to put the pendant on her again (it was taken off because of all the machines). After she died, Meiravi's mother asked for the pendant and I gave it to her.

I searched for the pendant for days and night without success. I thought it was named something with Cherubim (because there are two holding from the sides). It was very important for me to reach the 30 memorial with the pendant. On Friday, four days before the memorial, I searched again using Google images. I reached pages 8-9 and 10 and nothing. I stopped and asked from Meiravi to help me to find it. The next click, I suddenly saw the pendant. I clicked on it and it lead me to Your website. The artist was found and the pendant that symbolized our life more then anything was found… tears went down and the heart was broken, even while writing these words.

On Tuesday, when I will visit her grave, I will whisper to her that I found the pendant and will carry it with me all time…

Thank you"

Dedicated with Love to Meiravi...

Vesica Pisces pendant with the Cherubim  Vesica Pisces pendant with the Cherubim
Vesica Pisces pendant with the Cherubim

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