November 2010 Newsletter

An Exciting journey into the far past, ancient amulets in celebration of the upcoming holidays of the female cultures for empowerment, inspiration, creativity, healing, balance and unity

The previous month, I embarked on a fascinating journey to the ancient past. Due to two amazing women, I was privileged to have an encounter with the power, the wisdom and the love of the female aspect of creation.

Nona Lila Meged
The first woman is Nona Lila Meged, artist, creator of amulets, statues, vessels and paintings in the spirit of the great mother for protection, empowerment, balance, unity, and peace. Nona is an Art teacher at the Tel-Aviv Museum and at Studio Meged. She is a veteran facilitator of both women’s circles for empowerment and creation, as well as of peace circles for Arabs and Jews throughout the country.

Iris Yotvat The second woman is Iris Yotvat, a veteran lecturer and instructor on sexuality and relationships according to Tantra, women’s spirituality, positive thinking and natural birth. She is the founder of “Derech Haem (the Way of the Mother)” and “Diada”, natural childbirth centers. Iris is the author of the books: “The Secret of the Woman- Positive Thinking and Female Success”, and “The Chocolate Man and The Vanilla Woman- Aware Sexuality for a Long Life”. Iris is The Creator of the technique “Vocal Touch” and the disc “Listen to Her Voice”.

Famulet series
Iris and Nona brought me beautiful sketches of ancient amulets that Nona drew. From this beautiful selection, I chose three sketches and began the creative process. The process immediately transported me directly to the Neolithic period, to a time where primeval tribes were ruled by ancient female wisdom. The amulets took on a life of their own. They looked like the work of a prehistoric artist. I succeeded in surprising myself!!!

Perhaps it is due to my personal belief that if women ruled the world, it would be a better place, full of compassion and wisdom.

Enjoy the Famulet Series below
David Weitzman

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The Famulet Series

Empowerment Famulet
The Jewel’s intention is to help you reclaim your feminine power.
The ancient symbol of the triple spiral is found in many Goddess sites around the globe. The Spiral symbolizes the three faces of the Goddess: child, woman, crone, and the eternal cycle of birth, life, death and rebirth.
The triple spiral expands in empowerment circles for the benefit of woman and humanity. The hands of the female figurine rest upon and beneath her breasts as the infinite symbol of harmonious giving.

Shechina Famulet
The Pendant’s intention is to connect you with the spirit and generosity of the Shechina.
The female figurine raises her hands to hold the intertwined Magen David. The hands of the Shechina, the feminine face of God, are merged with the symbol expressing the balance between male and female in Judaism and other cultures.

Motherhood Famulet
Blesses and encourages women who wish to get pregnant, or who are giving birth. Also for new mothers.
The soft and ample femininity carries within her the sacred flower of new life, and her abundant breasts promise nurturance and protection always. The Universal Mother blesses the new mother with love, containment and full acceptance.

In addition to this series I am pleased to present :

The Great Mother Ring
This ring represents compassion, and wisdom. This ring is dedicated to Mother Earth and to life itself. The ring represents the source of life, and the three precious stones or “fruit” represent the three balancing powers of the Universe and “The Three Gems” which represent the three basic principles of Buddhism. The leaves represent the leaves of the holy "Ficus religiosa" tree- ( a recurring motif in my works). This is the tree under which the prince Siddhartha Gautama reached awakening, the understanding of what is the source of all suffering.

The Zodiac sign pendant series

The Scorpio Amulet
This month we made a Scorpio Amulet .it was created on the 2th of November between 6:32 and 7:15. The metal inside is iron which is the metal of Scorpio zodiac.


Thank you
Blessings and love
David Weitzman and ka Gold Team

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