November  2012 Newsletter

Two Egyptian Amulets for Protection and Eclipse Talisman New Edition

Fear is a core human instinct. Today, we're inundated with demoralizing news daily concerning far away places affecting our lives. Therefore, I'm not surprised when I receive requests to make amulets. Believing in the power of talismans goes back to the beginning of humanity. I recently visited the Land of Israel Museum in Tel Aviv and focused on the section called 'mining copper in Timna', the ancient mines located in southern Israel. Relics discovered in a small Egyptian temple built by Egyptians who worked in the mines caught my eye. Tens of talismans adorned by miniature copper snakes used for protection were unearthed near the temple. These amulets reminded me the tale about the copper snake that Moses made while the Israelites wandered in the desert.

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When my spouse gave birth to our second daughter, an elderly woman who visited at the hospital guided the patient next to my wife how to protect the baby against evil eye: "you need to put a knife beneath the pillow at night"… So, when several clients asked me to consider making another amulet for protection, I decided to delve into the world of ancient Egyptian amulets. The same elements of protection – use of copper, turquoise stones, making knife-shaped amulets – is the thread linking ancient beliefs spanning thousands of years and transcending into the maternity ward of a modern hospital.
Egyptian Talismans for Childbirth
This talisman bears different protective images and the image of Taweret.
Deity of motherhood and protector of women and children, goddess of maternity and childbirth. Taweret was seen as one who protected against evil by restraining it. She was usually depicted as a combination of a crocodile with the arms and legs of a lion; her breasts are those of a human female, and her protruding belly is that of a pregnant woman. She often holds the hieroglyphic symbol ‘sa’ in front of her- for "protection,”.  Occasionally, she carried an ankh, the symbol of life, or a knife, which was be used to threaten evil spirits. The magic knives, also known as apotropaic (that is, acting to ward of evil) wands, were one of the devices used.

Egyptian Childbirth Talisman Silver   
Egyptian Childbirth Talisman Gold
Egyptian Childbirth Talisman Silver

Egyptian Childbirth Talisman Gold

The Knife Talisman for Protection
In ancient Egypt, the knife was a symbol of protection and strength. The preferred ritual knife was the ancient flint knife - des. Knives appear frequently in representations of the Egyptian otherworld. They are used in slaying the enemies of the deceased and smoothing the passage through the land of the dead. Several protective deities, such as Bes and Taweret were often shown armed with knives. Guardians of the gates of the underworld were also shown bearing knives.

Egyptian Knife Talisman Silver   
Egyptian Knife Talisman Gold
Egyptian Knife Talisman Silver

Egyptian Knife Talisman Gold

The knife was also a part of lunar symbology. The crescent moon was imagined to be a knife wielded by the God of the Moon, Thoth . Thoth was said to destroy evildoers with the crescent moon as his weapon.
Harmful beings and malevolent creatures such as scorpions and snakes were often depicted cut with knives to render them powerless.
This knife talisman bears the protective images of the “Sa” symbol,the Ibis bird which is the symbol of Thoth ,another fearsome winged creature and the head of a lioness.
Read more below about Talismans for Protection

Eclipse Talisman New Limited Edition
This total solar eclipse (13-14 November) wa a real powerful one! it is a major astrological event signifying these intense times on earth. The eclipse was in the sign of scorpio, while its ruling planet - mars was be aligned with the galactic center. this is not a talisman for the light hearted people, it is intensely magnifying the power of transformation and creation!

Eclipse Talisman

Eclipse Talisman
Accelerate changes and gives great courage and energy for one's spiritual path
Eclipses are not "good" or "bad", they are like a volcano, they have the power to create and also to destruct. Eclipses are considered the gateways of the soul, and the shifters of change. this talisman is for those who want to connect to the assume power of these transformative times, to help them reconstruct their lives, leaving behind all that is old and unneeded in their path, and create a new authentic expression of their soul . The outer ring of the pendant is made of 925 silver and the inner part is made of 14k gold.

Video about the making of the Trinity Personalized Talisman

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More about Talismans for Protection
This jewelry is not intended to be used as ritual artifacts which will protect the owner in any situation. My aim in creating such jewelry is to provide powerful symbols which will help him/her overcome fear and discover the capabilities and strength within. Here is a story that can clarify what I mean:
I had watched the British TV series 'the Prisoner' several weeks ago. This TV series was produced in 1967 and revolved around a secret agent who decides to quit his job and is hijacked to a mysterious place called 'the village'. This place resembles a huge vacation resort, a microcosm of the western society at that time. The agent is given a number, as the rest of the people who populate the village. He attempts to run away and finds out what that huge detention facility is and who is number one running this place.
This TV series was followed by many enthusiasts who were eager to find out who was running the village. Not many viewers realized that the TV series was actually an allegory of the western society and embedded ideas such as collectivism versus individualism. The lead actor was asked many years after this series was produced who is that mysterious number one and what the series is about. His answer was that the series dealt with the greatest enemy of human – human himself.

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David and Ka-Gold Team

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