November 2014 Newsletter

Mars Talismans - Powerful Symbol for Focusing Energy and Achieving Your Aims 

After two years, Mars has returned once again into its exaltation sign of Capricorn.
This sign enhances the Martian energy to its most productive, powerful and controlled expression. There will be a rare and extremely powerful limited  time window (only 42 minutes!!!) on December the first  between 9:12- 10:00 GMT+3 to create a limited number of talismans, so here’s your opportunity to get a rare and genuine warrior pendant and ring.

16% Discount for Mars Talismans and Related Jewelry
Valid Until November 21st

It is the archetype of the disciplined warrior that learns to control his impulses and inner fire, and to direct it willfully to achieve his goals. This placement also gives a powerful protection against any intrusive energy.

Mars Talisman Silver and Gold
Mars Talisman Silver and Gold

This specific Talisman is made at a very auspicious time during this mars movement in capricorn.
It is made when mars is in his exaltation degree (28) while at the same time it is exactly aspecting Saturn (its ruler) in Scorpio (mars sign) with a sextile (harmonious aspect).
This is a a very strong mutual reception! As each planet is in the other planets sign, while making an except aspect.

When Mars is in Capricorn (Saturn’s earth sign) it sharpens his expression of energy and gives it a strong focus perseverance and determination. Mars fiery energy becomes a strong building force with an enduring stamina and disciplined control of Saturn. Energy does not get wasted. It is stabilized and has a long-term purpose. This shows up in the chart of doers and makers, people with drive and ambition, people in managerial positions, who are independent and have strong determination and ability.

Mars In Capricorn Talisman Ring
Mars In Capricorn Talisman Ring Silver

A weak Mars may show a lack of energy, lack of assertive power and focus, lack of passion etc..
This person may suffer, from a yielding disposition, will have trouble 'standing on his own', fighting for his needs, and protecting himself. He is potentially lazy, and has trouble acting and doing what he needs and wants.

Generally Mars is aggressive and impulsive, acts before he thinks, does not have foresight and can’t see the consequences of his actions. Also the expressions of his energy are not stable, they come with a bang and disperse as the focus changes to something else. Capturing Mars at this auspices time enhances the Martian energy to its most productive, powerful and controlled expression.

This is a powerful symbol for focusing energy and achieving ones aims. It gives power over matter, and the force of putting words and ideas into action. It is also a strong protective Talisman. 

Mars Talisman - Warrior Pendant
The image in this talisman, is of  Mars rising in the triangle which is the ancient alchemical symbol of  the fire element. This symbolizes the rising of the fire of action and willpower. We have added gold flames to represent the fires of the spirit/Sun .

Mars Talisman Silver
Mars Talisman Silver

Mars Talisman

The metal of Mars which is iron, is added on the backside of the talisman.

Mars In Capricorn Talisman Ring - The Warrior Ring
The top of the ring is a Replica of an Ancient Roman coin with the symbols of Mars on it.
On the two sides of the ring engraved the symbol of Mars.

Mars In Capricorn Talisman Ring gold
Mars In Capricorn Talisman Ring Gold

Scorpio Talisman - 16% Discount Until November 21st

scorpio Jewelry Pendant Silver
Scorpio Talisman

16% Discount on Related Jewelry for Confidence and Will Power

Confidence Pendant Silver
Confidence Pendant Silver
Price: ($87) $73
Confidence Pendant Gold
Confidence Pendant Gold
Price: ($335) $281
Sirius Rising Talisman Silver (*Limited Edition*)
Sirius Rising Talisman Silver (*Limited Edition*)
Price: ($467) $392
Will Power Pendant Silver
Will Power Pendant Silver
Price: ($87) $73
Will Power Pendant Gold
Will Power Pendant Gold
Price: ($413) $346
Odin's Knot Gold
Odin's Knot Gold
Price: ($878) $737

16% Discount for Mars Talismans and Related Jewelry
Valid Until November 21st

Thank you for reading
Enjoy the Cosmic Joke!! 
David and Ka-Gold Team

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