November 2016 Newsletter

Unique Designs with Powerful and Mind Changing Quotes 

Many of my Designs bear powerful and mind changing quotes. Some are known quotes and some are original. Bearing a jewel with a meaningful quote is meant to create a positive thought pattern to aid in your journey to freedom. It is a constant reminder which allow one to introspect and awake there true being.

What Were you Made For?
Inside the octahedron there is a question mark and on it engraved the sentence - What were you made for?

What Were you Made For?
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I heard this phrase from Haim Algranati (a great luthier who crafts brilliant guitars and lives in London) In a documentary movie, he said that each day he stops for 5 minutes and focuses on those five words - What were you made for? This ritual helps him find happiness and meaning in his life.

The question mark inside the octahedron creates a beautiful delicate chime sound that acts from time to time as a "bell of awareness"

Ring of Courage
The Hebrew text engraved on the ring says:
"Cowardice is the worst of all measures. Fear is the gate that the fool opens and the wise locks. When fear sneaks behind you, know it is a creation of your thoughts. Clean your thoughts and fear will vanish. Only then will your life become valid. What is within you will bring you life. What is not within you will bring you death."

Ring of Courage
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The text explains that fear comes from ignorance. Fear twists your real perception and judgment. Fear is summoned by the person himself by letting deceiving thoughts and feelings grow in one's mind. Fear causes the feared one to become blind to the beauty and abundance of life. Clean your thoughts and the fear will vanish…

Ring of Change
Reality is in a constant state of change. When one is believer and clings to things without realizing that this too will change and pass, he is destined to feel the sorrows of severance. This sorrow will continue until this person realizes that all things are transient.

The ring is inscribed with the powerful message – This shall also pass

Ring of Change
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Ring of Love
Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself
The Hebrew Sentence on the Ring of Love says “Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself”. This sentence is famous because of Rabbi Akiva who lived in the Land of Israel under the reign of the Roman occupation and considered this saying/teaching as the highest of all commandments.

Unconditional love indicates total balance that is a result of oneness/ cosmic unity, and a deep understanding that the meaning of creation is love. Free Unconditional love is the basis of all and the path for healing ourselves and the world.

Ring of Love
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Thank you for reading
May All Beings Be Happy
David and Ka-Gold Team

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