We like to share with you some touching emails we received from our customers. We are very thankful for having such amazing customers who appreciate the artwork and the energy. It is really touching to read your comments and it inspires us to continue serving you the best we can.

Also in this newsletter, our 15% holiday coupon is now available. If you are considering to buy some jewelry as gifts for the holidays, now is a great time to do so to make sure they arrive on time.

Wonderful and Touching Testimonials

Pictures of our loved

"Thank you for the wonderful item I bought from you. It's really beautiful, but what I soon noticed, is its amazing energy. I have been wearing it for about a week now, and I feel very much connected to Spirit, my body feels light and full of happiness. It's as if this jewel is radiating a very deep spiritual energy.
Best regards,

"I opened up the Jewelry—box!.
Wauw! I gently opened it and when I saw it, it brought tears to my eyes.
Amazing, So beautiful. Such a pure softly gentle energy radiating from it. Straight into my heart.
I called my daughter to come and see. I opened the box again… and she also was blown away... she said, she whispered.. mum this is
So beautiful. We sat in silence just taken the energy in.
I do not know how to translate the dutch words about how I feel about it into English.
So I do it in this way, from my heart:
Thank you for all the patience time, love and energy you put in it. I see it, I notice it and I feel it.
I feel very lucky being the keeper of this beautiful piece of art & energy.
With love & light

Pictures of our loved

"Thank you, it is the most beautiful and delicate ring in David' s design and artwork, yet oh so divinely strong and gently powerful to look at and to wear. Fits perfectly too!
Have a wonder...full day!
Warmest regards my friend,

"The necklaces arrived today and they are extremely beautiful and very, very special.

Magical energy entered my life when I opened the package.
Many deep thanks and much gratitude to you and David for this beauty.
All peace and love,

I’m the mother of Maria and we have just received Flower of Life pendants in Prague (Czech Republic). I’m deeply touched by this. It’s materialized, Universal Love... It has brought tears to my eyes. It’s so magical, spiritual, wonderful, so professional work of art... Please, God, Bless you forever...From the bottom of my heart thank you. Lots of love, gratefully,

Pictures of our loved

Last but not least is a special response we received several days ago from Donna who was chosen to receive a gift in our gifts for people in need project:

"I would like to express my gratitude to the highest. Mere words cannot completely articulate my feelings. I am a recipient of the "gift for people in need project ". Firstly, let me begin by saying that for years I visited your website with anticipation of one day buying one of your extraordinary life-altering treasures.

I was injured on my job leading to a rapid financial decline. The pain that I experienced incapacitated me greatly. For years I prayed for an answer, a change, an opportunity to get out of the ruin that was plaguing me. I decided to enter myself into the "gift project", however ashamed and embarrassed of myself that I felt at the very realization that I was actually in this need; and I was going to ask for help. I felt so ashamed for asking, when others may have had a greater need than my own.
Putting all shameful pride aside I submitted my truth, and my life has not been the same since. I was chosen, and with this gift of light and life in the Abundance Ring, I have a new beginning. I was able to obtain a new job after being unemployed and desperately struggling for three years. The spiritual connection that I feel with my Abundance Ring is simply UnReal, I cannot begin to explain how it has changed my life and finances. I am truly blessed and want others to experience the same.

Yaron and David, the two of you humbly open your hearts to provide this gift to thirty deserving people each year and I will forever be grateful for what you share with the world, for without my magnificent gift from you I do not know where I would be, honestly.

If there is a way that the general public can donate to the "gift project" in efforts that more people can be enamored by your gracious works, please permit it. You will absolutely have my continued support in donations.

Warmest Regards to the two of you David and Yaron my life is forever changed because of the two of you!

Thank you for reading
Have a wonderful October
David and Ka-Gold Team

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