October 2013 Newsletter2

Is This One of the Best Symbols Ever?

This is the story of a resurrection and a rebirth. It is also a rediscovery of my all time favorite symbol - the Ouroboros. The protagonist of this journey might be each one of you, so read carefully!

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Our story begins a few weeks ago while I was “developing” a nasty flu. I had terrible fever - my temperature rose to frightening heights, and I was so weak I could hardly get out of bed or eat, so  for about three days I just drank plenty of water. eventually when I felt better I was hungry, very hungry. Now my eldest daughter just celebrated her birthday and my wife baked a chocolate cake and so she asked me “would you like a slice?” - ”yes-sure, thank you!”, so I had a slice, and then, since I was hungry I had another slice and since I almost didn’t eat anything for the last 72 hours I’ve decide to have another one...

Double-Headed Serpent Silver and Gold
Double-Headed Serpent Silver and Gold

The next day, I was alone, and I was too weak and exhausted, so instead of preparing a decent healthy meal like I always do, I went to the fridge for another dosage of refined sugar. Now, since I barely consume sweets, candies , refined sugar etc, I thought to myself “ what could happen, it’s just a chocolate cake…”.

I was wrong. Very wrong. In the evening I started to feel that I cannot breath easily, as though
I needed to make an effort to catch my next breath. As the hours went by I begin to suffocate - literally. I wasn’t able to sleep because I had to reinforce my muscles in order to get an extra dosage of air into my lunges.The next day I was exhausted and hoped that it will pass, but it didn’t. I couldn’t work anymore. For thefew days I was tortured, it felt like someone was trying to strangle me and leave me just a small passage of air flow into my lungs so that I will be kept alive.

By the end of the week I finally had a break and was able to breath a little better (it was still terrible) so I went to the nearest hospital. The last time I spent my time inside a hospital as a patient was when I was six years old when I had to go through a minor surgery. So most of my data about the health system was from the media, and according to the media, the health system is on the verge of total collapse. Sick people are left helpless lying on beds in cold corridors, people wait for weeks or even months in order to get the right treatment or even being examined by a doctor, not to mention the fact that you can actually get an infection and simply die. So I went to the emergency room. To my surprise there were no patients lying on the floor, and the nurses came and took care of everything in no time. They took a sample of my blood, checked my heart, and my blood pressure, then they examined my lungs and told me to wait.

Double-Headed Serpent Silver
Double-Headed Serpent Silver

On my way to the hospital I picked up again Nassim Taleb’s book “Antifragility” which I’ve already mentioned in one of the previous newsletters (the one with the Sphere of Consciousness pendant). So I took Taleb’s book and started wondering about the spontaneous efficacy of the health system and there in the middle of the page Taleb mentions the sensational distorted data spread by the media. So I smirked, and waited, with a needle stuck in my arm , while trying to find a comfortable sitting position. After an hour I went to the nurse and asked gently if she could remove the needle - she stared at me and said that they are going to give me antibiotics because of the inflammation. I was wondering - “what inflammation?”, they just told me that the results which came out fast were fine? So I sat there half strangled reading another cynical insight of Nassim Taleb. He commented that - medical intervention, just like many political, global or economical intervention can cause a lot of damage, so if you want to kill someone you should attach to him a doctor 24/7… He claimed that the discipline of western medicine is intervention which is many times unnecessary and might cause damage, instead of providing decent conditions to let your body heal itself. The book was full of horrible statistics and examples.

I placed the book on the nearest chair and realized that I’m not that smart. First of all if i'm the one who creates all these symbols for healing and gets an endless flood of testimonials of people from all over the world who wear my creations with all that symbolism day and night and tell me how these symbols helped them perhaps I should use one of these symbols. What’s my favorite symbol? that’s easy - it’s the Ouroboros, the dragon that is eating itself. it's a powerful symbol of unity, recreation, rebirth, infinity and a symbol of creation itself. On a personal level the symbol tells us that our source of willpower, and ability to heal or to recreate ourselves always comes from within.

Double-Headed Serpent Gold
Double-Headed Serpent Gold

While I was contemplating on the symbol it was my time to go to the doctor. I sat patiently as the doctor told me that all the results are perfect. O.K then why am I suffocating and what about the inflammation and the needle in my arm. “Who told you that ?”, “there’s no inflammation”, go to the nurse and tell her to pull out this needle!” and by the way, I want you to come back for another x-ray session.

At that point I’ve realized (while trying to take another breath) that, as Scar says in “The lion king” - ”I’m surrounded by idiots”. They have the best equipment, they were able to tell me within 40 minutes exactly all the values and substances in my blood. The level of oxygen,  look at my lungs, examine my heart and yet they weren’t able to communicate with me as a patient, they didn’t help and wanted to send me for another round of harmful x-ray radiation.

I went out of the hospital, determined to solve this problem myself. I thought about the Ouroboros. Everything is within… and how about “rebirth” - should actually be “rebreath”. So I decided to find out what was the source of the problem. First I had this flu. I didn’t eat anything. Then the virus was gone, I was hungry, I ate a cake. Hold on a second-what was in that cake.
I came home and realized to my horror that the cake was full of cream and butter.

Years ago I suffered from dyspnea, and eventually a friend of mine who studied Chinese medicine told me to remove all the dairy products from my diet and it was gone forever within two weeks.

So the first thing I did was giving a call to a genuine Chinese doctor, dr. Guan who lives and runs his small clinic in Tel Aviv, so that I will be able  “restore” my life force… After three days and three session I felt better. After two more days everything returned to normal.

When I finally returned to the workshop I’ve realized that an Aztec version of the Ouroboros was actually chosen by me as the winning model of a contest that we conducted last month, so it was a fantastic opportunity for me to recreate this symbol.


The Ouroboros is a great healing symbol that was adopted by the ancients because they watched how a snake sheds it’s skin and thus being “reborn”. It became a symbol of strength, healing and longevity. On top of that, in the ancient world they used hormesis - a term for generally favorable biological responses to low exposures to toxins and other stressors. For example small doses of venom. It is a concept known as Mithridatism, which refers to the willful exposure to toxins in an attempt to develop immunity against them.
This symbol was so powerful in the ancient world, that it even found it’s way to the biblical story of Moses and the copper snake. Last week I went to the Erertz Israel Museum in Tel-Aviv and took some photos of genuine ancient copper snake talismans from the bronze and the iron age.

I’m writing this while wearing an Ouroboros ring, as a powerful reminder for myself and my favorite symbol of recreation, healing and rebirth.

May you’ll always find your inner strength and inner wisdom.

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Thank you for reading
With Love
David and Ka-Gold Team

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