October 2013 Newsletter

New Restoration of Genuine Antique Kabbalah Talisman and More... 

I love surprises, and in my case I believe that someone out  there has a great sense of humor,
for example about a month ago while working at the workshop I was listening to “Yes - Closer to the Edge”, and I was thinking that it’s really embarrassing to listen to this music from a compressed Youtube file with cheap PC headphones and perhaps it’s time to revive my vinyl collection and find some nice vintage equipment.
Boss 301 Now, since there’s not enough free space at the workshop I realized that I need bookshelf speakers and the best ones for this purpose are a vintage pair of Bose 301. So the next day, I was on my way to the municipality to register my car and get a parking ticket. I got out of the car, blinked, and a huge smirk started spreading on my face. Right there infront of me - on a pile of amateurish oil paintings, thrown away on the pavement there was  a pair of vintage Bose 301 series...

I placed the speakers gently inside the car’s baggage and took it to a friend's lab for examination. The result was: one speaker needed a $40 worth repair, other than that it’s a perfect sample of a cosmic bargain!

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Now here’s another such “cosmic” bargain that took place at the workshop:

The Ben Porat Talisman

A couple of weeks ago a French customer of mine came to visit  and brought with him an interesting amulet. He wanted to know what were the different engravings on both sides of the talisman. To my surprise it was a genuine antique kabbalah talisman. On one side I've recognized secret angelic names that were used in such ancient talismans for protection. In the center there was the three Hebrew letters that compose one of the names of God -Shadai- initials for “Shomer Daltot Israel”- Guardian of the Doors of Israel.

Ben Porat Yosef Talisman
Ben Porat Yosef Talisman Silver

On the other side appears an engraving of the “Ben Porat” blessing. The term Ben Porat Yosef is taken from Jacob’s blessing on his death bed to his son Joseph. Before Jacob passed away he bestowed his blessing upon Joseph - it’s an ancient blessing for abundance, fertility, protection and strength. The Hebrew original words are “BEN PORAT YOSEF, BEN PORAT ALEY AIN, BANOT, ZAADA ALEY SHOR”.  “BEN PORAT” means - a son of a fruitful tree, which is a symbol of abundance and fertility. “ALEY AIN” the tree is depicted as standing near a spring or a fountain - again a symbol of longevity and abundance. ”BANOT ZAADA ALEY SHOR” the tree’s branches are curved or becoming entangled on a wall - a symbol of strength and protection. The BEN PORAT blessing is also considered a powerful protection against Evil Eye since Joseph was protected and blessed against the people’s envy. At the center of the blessing there were the four letters of the Tetragrammaton; One of the names of God (which is by the way a depiction of existence, time and space).

Ben Porat Yosef Talisman
Ben Porat Yosef Talisman Gold

On the side of the pendant there was an engraving of the entire 42 sacred names -The Ana B'koakh prayer-another secret formula for the name/definition of God which can be found in ancient amulets for healing and protection.

Ben Porat Yosef Talisman
Ben Porat Yosef Talisman Silver

After I gave him a brief explanation about the meaning of the amulet he asked me if I could create a replica for him - I told him that I'll do it for free if he will let me use it as a model for my clients - he agreed so here it is - Enjoy. 

Here's just a small glimpse of some of the photos I have received that were taken by clients from all over the globe wearing my pieces. This is what motivates me time and again to seek new ideas, and new designs that will inspire my fellow brothers and sisters. Every few months, Yaron, my website/shop manager updates our testimonials page with pictures of customers wearing my designs. It is one of the favorite parts of my work. I get to feel the blessings, joy, gratitude and enthusiasm flowing from all around the world and it is a great feeling!!!

Customers Testimonials with Pictures

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Thank you for reading
With Love
David and Ka-Gold Team

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