October 2015 Newsletter

The Mysterious Relationship between Flower of Life and Tree of Life 

A few weeks ago I've “encountered” a TV documentary about the “Roswell Rock”. A stone that was found on September 4, 2004, by Robert L. Ridge, a 56 year old owner of an auto body shop in Roswell, NM. Robert found “The Roswell Rock” (TRR) at around 2 PM, in a remote area, while he was out bow hunting.

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The show claimed that the small piece of rock carved with a crop circle motif has an extra terrestrial origin, and that it cannot be man made. As a jeweler I realized that it’s not a difficult task for us, mortal humans to create such an object, so, I went to the web and found that it was actually sold by a company called “Millennium Productions” and it was sold during the “Alien encounter 98” festival in Roswell.

New Inlaid Flower of Life with Tree of Life Pattern

Inlaid Flower of Life Pendant Silver (TOL Pattern)

I’m writing this because a few weeks ago I wrote about the Greek/Hellenistic origin of the Flower of Life and the seed of Life drawing on one of the pillars at the Osirion temple in Abydos. For years people claimed about it’s mysterious alien origin, and that it was etched with laser into the rock, however, later pictures taken in recent years, reveal Greek letters, near these drawings, which actually links these diagrams to the Ptolemaic period in Egyptian history, which lasted from 332 bc to 30 bc. It is just possible that this design could have been influenced by Pythagoras, which would push the dating back to around 547 bc.

Another proof can be found in the early Jewish mysticism - the Kabbalah that was founded during the first century. The early Jewish scholars were heavily influenced by the ancient Greek philosophers, who tried to find the secrets of existence, and the connection between The Creation and the human being and it’s role in this theme.

Inlaid Flower of Life Pendant Gold (TOL Pattern)

One of the most famous symbols of the Jewish mysticism is “Ilan Hasefirot” or “Etz Ha’khayeem” - The Tree of Life. A symbol of creation itself, the universe, the different worlds and realms of existence. For years I believed that most of you knew that this symbol is actually a key to the structure of the Seed of Life and The Flower of Life-a patterns (the mathematical /geometrical key to existence and the blueprint of creation). I was surprised when I’ve realised that it was not that obvious. While making those pendants I’ve even kept the proportions of the Seed, the Tree and the Flower of Life accurate, so that one can superimpose these pieces of jewelry and see the connection. When I finally realized that many were not aware of that, and after a client’s request for a Flower of Life pendant inlaid with small emeralds in the Tree of Life pattern, I’ve decided to offer it as a regular model.

Tree of Life Key to Seed of Life and Flower of Life
Three superimposed pendants of the Flower of life, Seed of Life and Tree of Life

Another connection between the Jewish mysticism and the teachings of Pythagoras can be found in the structure of the Greek tetractys and it’s version of the Hebrew Tetragrammaton - with the sacred name of God.

The knowledge that existed during the Greek period of Egypt after the established of the library of Alexandria is unimaginable. One can only speculate about the loss of knowledge after it’s destruction. The forgotten sources of the knowledge and the origins of the Flower of Life.

So I believe that despite our broad imagination, and our need to believe, it is us humans, who examine the cosmic boundaries, and our place in the cosmos, because as I always say - you are the cosmos itself; learning and experiencing its own existence.

I have also added these beautiful samples of the Tree of life concept from different cultures.
Tree of Life Jewelry

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Thank you for reading
Happy and Wonderful Fall
David and Ka-Gold Team

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