October 2016 Newsletter

New Philosopher's Talisman - A Mercury Jupiter Conjunction

On October 11th we had a very auspicious astrological alignment, Jupiter and Mercury eet for their yearly reunion, this time in the sign of Libra, while helically rising from the rays of the Sun (morning stars - rising in the morning just before sunrise).

The Philosopher's Talisman - Mercury Jupiter Conjunction
Assembled on October the 11th between 5:25-6:16 GMT+3 during sunrise and between 11:20-13:00 GMT+3 while the sun is in midheaven. Designed together with the astrologer Michael Ofek

Philosopher's Talisman - Mercury Jupiter Conjunction
15% Discount Until October 23rd

Jupiter, which is just gradually starting to appear in the morning sky, beginning a new cycle (after his ‘rebirth’ conjunction with the Sun). It is regaining its strength and productive powers while also joined with Mercury, both enjoying leading the Sun as “doriphory” (spear bearers). Ruling the mutable cross of the Zodiac (Sagittarius-Gemini, Pisces-Virgo), they both signify different aspects of knowledge and learning, practical and spiritual. Their Meeting in Libra enhances the ability for them to reach an optimum balanced proportion with each other. Both share triplicity rulership over libra (air) and also considered well placed by sect (diurnal planets in a masculine sign. mercury is considered diurnal when rising before the sun).

These conjunctions stimulate an increase of mental abilities, broadening the capacity of perception, understanding and synthesis of knowledge. They enhance good memory, graceful speech, a higher capacity for learning, public speaking and gaining honour and success through these activities.

Philosopher's Talisman - Mercury Jupiter Conjunction
15% Discount Until October 23rd

Jupiter signifies higher knowledge and intuition, philosophy and ethics. Mercury signifies discursive reasoning, practical wisdom, language and speech. both together in Libra bring a sense of balance between the right and left hemispheres of the brain, between abstract knowledge and pragmatic logic. Together they invoke the potential for profound wisdom and understanding.

The words inscribed on the talisman are the greek word Gnosis (γνῶσις) and Sophia (Σοφία), both word are words for knowledge and wisdom. Gnosis it quite literally ‘knowledge from direct experience’, but also used to denote higher spiritual and intuitive knowledge and the apprehension of truths through mystical insight. Sophia is the greek word for wisdom (also the name of the goddess of wisdom) the use of the word has to do with the wise power of reasoning about those gnostic truths, and their wisdom exhibited in action.

The center of the talisman is a replica of an ancient Roman coin with the figure of Mercury holding his staff - the Caduceus

New Edition - Mars Exaltation Talisman
Limited Edition was assembled on October the 11th between 12:40-13:10 GMT+3

After two years around the zodiac Mars has finally returned to Capricorn, the sign of its exaltation.
The Talisman was made on Mars planetary day (Tuesday) while Mars is rising.
This election also takes the advantage of the auspicious Jupiter Mercury conjunction which is exact at the time, and the air trine between the luminaries, these configuration will give a more balanced and mentally resourceful ambient to this powerful Mars, and help mitigate its sometimes brutal nature.

Mars Exaltation Talisman
15% Discount Until October 23rd

Mars In Capricorn gives tremendous willpower and stamina, it help one focus his energy and stay on track until he reaches his goals. it awakens to action and gives not only strong motivation but also the ability to act and get things done, efficiently and effectively. It is also considered a strong protection talisman, which powerfully guards against any attacks and unwanted intervention.

Talisman Components
The center of the Talisman is a Replica of an Ancient Roman coin with the symbols of Mars on it. Around the center are the the magic alphabet of Mars taken from the writings of Cornelius Agrippa (1486-1535) who was the most influential writer of renaissance esoterica.

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Thank you for reading
May All Beings Be Happy
David and Ka-Gold Team

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