October 2016 Newsletter

New Spica Talisman and Chaldean Talismans New Edition

The star Spica is probably one of the most famous fixed stars known for its abundant beneficial and protective powers. This star is also called Alpha Virginis, as it is the brightest star in the constellation of Virgo the maiden. Spica is a binary star, which means it is really two stars larger and hotter than the sun, together they look like a single point of light, even when looking through an average telescope.

Spica Talisman - Powerful fixed star Talisman
Made under the guidance of astrologer Michael Ofek. Contains sage that I picked and then consecrated on October the 17th between 12:15-12:35 while Spica was in conjunction with the Sun as it was culminating on the Midheaven, further supported by an exalted Moon in Taurus.

New Spica Talisman
15% Discount Until November 8th

The name Spica means “ear” as it is in the “ear of wheat” in the virgo constellation. The association with agriculture, wheat and harvest is very old. For the Egyptians the Virgo constellation was associated with the goddess Isis, and Spica was the bearer of harvest. As Isis is the goddess of fertility and life creating goddess, Spica symbolised the fruits of her life energy that she gave nature and man. Virgo is also associated with Ceres, the greek goddess of the harvest.

Spica is also associated with the Šala the babylonian goddess of agriculture and fertility. The image on the talisman is a depiction of the goddess giving the wheat to humans. this depiction comes from an ancient cylinder seal.

Spica Talisman
15% Discount Until November 8th

The talisman contains Sage - a sacred herb associated according to the ancient text to Spica. It was picked and consecrated during the conjunction. The front of the talisman bears the image of the ancient goddess Sala, and on the back appears the ancient magic seal of Spica.

As this constellation signifies an abundance of harvest and a fruitfulness of agriculture, this star is said to provide all sorts of good things, from material good, success in career and achievements, to different artistic talents and magical charisma.

The Sage in the Talisman was consecrated during the exact conjunction with the Sun as it was culminating on the Midheaven, further supported by an exalted Moon in Taurus. Ptolemy called the conjunction of a fixed star with the Sun a “true phase”, this is the phase which gives greatest access to the star’s most refined resources as highlighted by the creative solar power. 

Spica Talisman
15% Discount Until November 8th

New Edition - 7 Metals Chaldean Astrology Talismans
A limited number will be assembled Today October the 28th 2016 between 10:30 -11:15 GMT+3 While the moon is in conjunction to Jupiter which is rising out of the Sun's rays with Mercury cazimi in Scorpio.

The Chaldean order, is essentially a hierarchy of powers that are represented by heavenly bodies (the stars), this order of powers is expressed on the axis of time as orbits of the seven discovered planets - Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, The Sun, Venus, Mercury and the Moon. Each of these controls a stage in the linear process of time. From the furthest and slowest - Saturn, till the nearest and fastest, the moon.

7 Metals Chaldean Astrology Talismans
15% Discount Until November 8th

According to the tradition of alchemy the seven planets parallel and are reflected purely in seven metals. These metals are raw material and stages in the creation of gold/ the philosopher’s stone. The metals are actually material expressions that reflect essential principles of creation and of the spirit. The metals evolve alchemistically towards, gold - in the same way, the human being evolves towards spirit.

According to the Chaldean order the planet relate to metals like this:
Saturn- lead
Jupiter- tin
Mars- Iron
The Sun- Gold
Venus- Copper
Mercury- Mercury
The moon- silver

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Thank you for reading
May All Beings Be Happy
David and Ka-Gold Team

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