October 2018 Newsletter

Special Edition - Metatron’s Cube Pendant in Pure Gold (24K)

We've decided to offer a small number of pure gold (24k) Metatron's Cube pendant. There are two versions available, full solid gold 24k and a combination of solid gold 24k and sterling silver. This is an exciting project because of the alchemical/spiritual aspects of this precious metal..

Price: ($1166) $991  (Until November 6th 2018)

Gold is one of the "noble metals" - metals that are resistant to corrosion and oxidation; in other words, gold doesn't change over time. It remains bright with it's rich and glittering nature. For the ancients, it was a symbol of eternity, divinity, sacredness and immortality. There is a symbolic connection between the Metatron's Cube structure and gold.

Metatron's cube is a pattern that is derived from the Flower of life structure. It is said that it contains all the five Platonic Solids which were studied in ancient time by Pythagoras and his disciples among others in ancient Greece as the building blocks of the Universe. These studies were so secretive and sacred that they weren't even allowed to mention these terms and symbols outside their cult.

Price: ($3192) $2713 (Until November 6th 2018)

There is also a fascinating connection between Metatron's Cube, Gold, and Alchemy.
When you look at the ancient purpose of alchemy which was the transmutation of lead to gold and you start to scratch the surface you realize that all these ancient symbols were based on ancient doctrines such as Hermeticism and that the true goal of these teachings was to find the path to eternity and to find and purify the eternal spark that lies within each and every one of us.

Metatron's Cube contains the five platonic solids which are interlocked inside this structure and represent the ancient five classical elements as well as the transmutation of our own soul and spiritual development. This is how we reach from "lead to gold".

I've used this symbolism and embodied this idea by creating this pure gold pendant. There is also another version of silver and pure gold which symbolizes the two balancing forces of the cosmos. Gold represents the Sun, the fire, the driving force and the masculine while silver represents the Moon, the spiritual, the dreamer, and the feminine aspect of the cosmos.

The Four Angels Amulet and Related Design

The new design from last week is still available on special together with some related designs.

15% Discount Until November 6th 2018

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David and Ka-Gold Team

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