This newsletter is dedicated to the worldwide cross-culture concept of the ancient cosmic tree. Over the years, I've designed various models revolving around the symbolism of the cosmic tree.

Cosmic Tree

The tree is one of the most revered and common symbols in endless ancient cultures.
From a philosophical perspective, it is a living embodiment of the cosmos. Each part of the tree contains the blueprint of the entire tree in all its glory. The fruit, the seed, the flower, the tree. That is why in Sacred Geometry, we use the etymology of the various parts of the tree- The Fruit of Life, The Flower of Life, etc.

In the Jewish Kabbalah, we have the Tree of Life or the Tree of Sefirot with its mystical symbolism describing the way of the Or Ein Sof (the infinite light) flows through the various worlds/realms /dimensions.

Kabbalah Tree of Life

In the Viking culture/Norse cosmology, we have the Yggdrasil - A cosmic sacred tree that around it everything exists, including the nine worlds (it's interesting to see the resemblance to the Kabbalah with its Tree of Life and the nine worlds-the first "Sefira" is called KETER, and it represents the divine will flowing into the nine worlds).
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The concept of a cosmic tree "bearing" different worlds on its branches like fruits can be found in northern Eurasia among the shamanic traditions of the region. The same concept can also be found in the ancient Mayan culture with the cosmic crocodile tree. A tree that is the axis of the cosmos and connects the different worlds/realms of reality.

In Alchemy, there is the alchemical tree with its roots and branches symbolizing heaven and earth or the "as above, so below." Usually depicted with the Chaldean order-the seven planets that were known to the ancients, while each planet represents one of the metals that the ancient alchemists used to produce the mysterious "Lapis Philosopherum" - the Philosopher's Stone, the philosopher's stone, the elusive alchemical substance also known as the elixir of life, which was used for rejuvenation and for achieving immortality.

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Thank you
May all beings be happy
David and Ka-Gold Team

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