September 2010 Newsletter

The present Mercury retrograde in the last month caught me by surprise.
The signs were evident- the computers stopped working, devices broke down without any visible reason, money transfers did not arrive at their destination. I didn’t understand what was happening, but then the answer came from everybody:
What? You don’t know?, It's the Mercury retrograde… and exactly then, I got a call from Astrologer Michael Ofek ,who informed me that this month on the 27th of this month I will be able to create a unique Mercury astrological talisman and aid all those affected by the retrograde. So I freed up some time in order to create all the parts of the talisman in advance.

The previous edition of the exclusive astrological talismans sold out in only a few hours and there were a lot of disappointed people who wanted to order them. For this reason it will be possible to order the talisman in advance, before the astrological time in which it will be created.
The talisman itself will be assembled on the 27th of the month between the hours 05:36 and 06:14 and between the hours 12:37 to 13:10
In addition on the 21st of the month, there will be an additional opportunity to create the Mars amulet in this period, when Mars enters Scorpio.

12% Discount on New Designs

Like we have done in the previous newsletters, we are offering a reduction for a limited time on the new pendants. This month, there is a 12%  reduction for the Jewish New Year that initiates a new cycle of 12 months.

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New Designs

Mercury Talisman pendant
The Mercury Talisman pendant is meant to bring to its wearer the power of Mercury in its most refined form. It brings the wearer clarity, concentration, and mental energy. It creates coherent thought and flow of speech. The pendant helps in settling the mind and brings overall focus to the thinking process.
The Mercury pendant helps tremendously in times of the Mercury retrograde (antidote). It is highly recommended for people who were born when Mercury was in strong retrograde.

Mercury Pendant Gold
Mercury Pendant Silver
Mercury Pendant Gold
Mercury Pendant Silver
(The Image is of the basic model made with Brass)

Mars pendant
We are making the talismans of the Mars cycle in order to celebrate the entrance of Mars into Scorpio. Mars is the ruler of Scorpio and its being there strengthens it greatly. The pendant symbolizes inner strength and will power, drive to action and assertiveness,
It brings courage and stamina to the wearer, helps the wearer to fight for what is important to them and what makes them passionate.

The pendant itself is the path that Mars creates in his movement in relation to planet Earth. The talisman is placed in the center of the pendant in iron- the metal that represents Mars.

The Tarot card pendant of the high priestess
The Pendant is based on the Tarot Card series by Karen Easton.
The high priestess card represents intuitive knowledge and depth. It is a dominant and a powerful female figure, possessing spiritual strength. Many Tarot readers will tell you that when the high priestess appears in the spread-“The hidden is greater than what is  revealed”

The Empress Tarot Card pendant
The Pendant is based on the Tarot Card series by Karyn Easton
The Empress represents the archetype of the Mother, who creates life and nurtures. Different card decks represent the Empress as a fertility goddess from all the cultures of the world, the female creator element. Sometimes the Empress is the womb in which creation develops until it is ready to come out into the world. In many cards, she is described as pregnant. The Empress Card pendant is meant to connect the wearer to the power of life that brings change, renewal, and creation.

The Zodiac sign pendant series

The Leo Amulet
Last month we were meant to create an amulet for Leo. After consulting astrologer Michael Ofek, we decided not to create it. The reason for this was that there was neither an ideal nor positive planetary alignment. We are sorry - next year.

The Virgo Amulet
This month we made a Virgo Amulet .it was created on the fifth of September between 06:18 and 07:05

Thank you
Blessings and love
David Weitzman and ka gold team

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