September 2014 Newsletter

The Mysterious Element that Drives us Humans Crazy

As a child , I used to spend hours reading about anything, from ancient civilizations and remarkable archeological discoveries, to the secrets of nature and the fields of biology and zoology. The TV was also quite educational per se, and with only one channel I used to watch mainly programs about science, literature and history. As a matter of fact I still have vivid memories of a primitive demonstration of the blood vessels system and the heart of the human body with an actor swimming in a photomontage scene inside the heart’s aortic valves, while the background music was Frank Zappa’s “Peaches en Regalia”...

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Sun in Leo Talisman Ring Gold 14K
Sun in Leo Talisman Ring Gold 14K

One of the books that really sparked my imagination was a book about lost civilizations.
I was fascinated by the ancient Egyptian culture, by the Incas and the Mayans and delved into Heinrich Schliemann’s unbelievable adventure of the discovery of Troy.

As a child I’ve noticed that the there was a sort of a scarlet thread weaving all these ancient civilizations like a mysterious fabric or veil that covers all this ancient kingdoms, and that thing was one of the most sought after element in human history - Gold.

From the fabulous treasures of Troy - the royal crown jewels and what is known as “The mask of Agamemnon” to the gold mask of king Tutankhamun and the Image of the new Emperor of the Muisca people diving into the clear water of Lake Guatavita, covered in powdered gold and emerging as their new leader. 

Sun in Leo Talisman Pendant Gold 14K
Sun in Leo Talisman Pendant Gold 14K

There is something in this mysterious metal that drives us humans crazy. I personally believe it is our endless search as mortals for the infinite. When the first human discovered this element and tried to “tame” it, he discovered that time doesn’t affect it. Like a beautiful representation of entropy and the second law of thermodynamics. It is impossible to mix it with other elements, and let’s not forget that the ancients recognized it as an earthly divine symbol of the Sun - the source of life and light here on Earth. If you also add the fact that gold is malleable and can be easily used, it doesn’t come as a surprise that it became the most desired element on Earth.

Sun Talisman Gold 14K
Sun Talisman Gold 14K

The ancients used the gold as the symbol of infinity, the symbol of the divine and also the spiritual and the sacred. In alchemy the symbol for “Gold” is the same symbol of the Greek Monad - a circle with a point at it’s middle. The term Monad comes from the Greek word "Menein" which means "to be  stable" and from the Greek word "Monas" which means "Oneness" just like the Gold which doesn’t change and “Keeps it’s identity”. The ancient Greeks called the Monad – the base, the essence, the foundation and the builder. In that way gold became the symbol of the Sun and when the European alchemists searched for the  the secret of the Prima Materia - the base of all matter and existence which is formless and beyond definition, they believed it to be the secret recipe for the creation of what is known as The Philosopher’s Stone - a substance that is said to possess the power of transmutation of matter - turning lead to gold, and achieve immortality and rejuvenation, therefore it was  known as The Elixir of Life.

In this newsletter I’ve decided to introduce some of my favorite gold pieces that involve these ancient concepts and  esoteric symbolism. Some of these unique pieces are the  last of the limited edition  pieces that were made during the last Sun in Leo configuration that took place a few weeks ago, while the other ones are my Sun-Gold combinations.

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GOLD and related jewelry

I’d like to add that I always use recycled gold and that since I’m part of what is known as the Vienna Hallmarking convention all of my pieces actually contain a little bit higher percentage of Gold in order to pass the strict examinations of the Standards Institution of Precious Metals.

I hope that these symbols will intrigue you to search the eternal.

15% Discount for GOLD and Related Jewelry
Valid Until September 12th

Thank you for reading
Love and wisdom 
David and Ka-Gold Team

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