September 2015 Newsletter

The Platonic Solids - Five Key Sacred Patterns

A few days ago I’ve watched a video about  a fascinating tiny sea creature, known as “the most beautiful animal you’ve never seen” - Sapphirina, or sea sapphire, a magical creature. These tiny, little-known copepods appear to flash and flicker in and out of brilliantly colored blue, violet or red and can actually make themselves transparent! They have the ability to become completely invisible.

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When scientists wanted to study their unbelievable cloaking mechanism they discovered the astounding hexagonal guanine crystal reflectors that produce them, found in perfect hexagonal arrays under the chitinous cuticle of the copepod. The Hexagonal structure reminded me once again of the unseen entangled array of the Platonic Solids that create every molecular structure and are the building blocks of our reality.

Sea Sapphire
The Sea Sapphire
The Flower of Life and Platonic Solids
Many of you are familiar with the structure of “The Flower of Life” - the sacred blueprint of creation, which can be found in many ancient sacred structures and monument monuments all around the world. One of the most  famous ancient places where you can find the Flower of Life structure is the Ancient Egyptian Temple in Abydos. Many want to believe that this structure has an extraterrestrial origin and that the structure was etched into the pillars of the temple with alien technology, however, the structure itself was painted with red ochre which during the centuries passed by and the oxidation process became part of the stone itself. Many people don’t know that near these ancient drawings of the Flower of Life and the Seed of Life there are ancient Greek Letters and here’s the fascinating connection -The Flower of Life contains a key structure known as the Fruit of Life from which one can derive all the platonic Solids.

Platonic Solids and Flower of Life

These structures were studied by the ancient Greek philosophers, especially Pythagoras and his followers the secret society of the Pythagoreans. So my personal theory is that the Flower of Life in the Abydos temple was made by none other than the Pythagoreans. This is an ode to the human ability and spirit which was able to grasp the secrets of the universe and sense the realms of the unseen reality in without using a photoelectric microscope. This is the connection between spirit and matter, science and art, love and reason...       

Platonic Solids
Five key sacredpatterns that makes up all matter in this universe. Known as the Platonic Solids, these shapes are Star Tetrahedron, Hexahedron, Octahedron, Dodecahedron and Icosahedron. The Platonic Solids are called the perfect solids because in each of them, every facet has equal side length, equal facet size and equal angle. Moreover, all these structures fit perfectly within a sphere. The five Platonic Solids are regarded as the building blocks of the universe and equated with the five classical elements with which everything is made – fire, earth, air, aether and water.

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Thank you for reading
Happy Rosh Hashanna
David and Ka-Gold Team

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