This special design, which is also one of my favourites, along with the Mayan World tree, started its life after a journey to the desert a few years ago. The desert, with its vast and dramatic scenery, isolation, and serenity, became one of our favourite places.

New Libyan Glass Tektite for Star Children Pendant

Star Children Pendant with Libyan Glass Tektite

15% Discount Until September 27th 2023

During nighttime, you can actually see the beauty and the expanse of the Milky Way. In the urban environment with all the artificial lights, we are not able to observe this beauty, but here in the desert, when we get some distance from areas that are settled, the gateway to the expanse of the Universe opens up. When quietly observing the desert skies enveloped by the psychedelic experience of watching the Milky Way with its luminous colour pallet, I've decided to create a few pieces depicting some ancient cosmology.

Star Children Pendant with Libyan Glass Tektite

15% Discount Until September 27th 2023

I usually use genuine Moldavite tektites for this piece. Moldavite are beautiful greenish gemstones formed from a meteorite impact in southern Germany ( the term "moldavite" is derived from the Moldau (Vltava) river in Bohemia (the Czech Republic), from where the first described pieces came around 15 million years ago. It is considered a rare and unique gemstone due to its origin and distinctive appearance, featuring a rough texture and often described as having an otherworldly or cosmic energy. Many believe it possesses metaphysical and healing properties.

I've also recently received some beautiful genuine Libyan Glass Tektites and decided to add this special option to the Star Children Pendant. Libyan Desert Glass, also known as Libyan Gold Tektite, is a naturally occurring glass that is found in the eastern Sahara Desert, primarily in Libya. It is believed to have formed approximately 29 million years ago when a meteorite impact melted the desert sand and created this unique type of glass.

Star Children Pendant with Libyan Glass Tektite

15% Discount Until September 27th 2023

Libyan Desert Glass is characterized by its striking yellow-green to pale-yellow color and is often transparent. It has been used by ancient civilizations for jewelry and ornamentation, and it is sometimes referred to as "the rock of the sun" due to its associations with celestial events. This glass has piqued the interest of scientists and collectors alike due to its rarity and intriguing origin, resulting from a combination of meteorite impact and geological processes. It continues to be a subject of scientific study and fascination among enthusiasts.

Libyan Glass was adored and cherished by many ancient cultures for its spiritual properties.
  1. Cosmic Connection: Libyan Desert Glass is often seen as a stone that connects individuals to the cosmos and the universe. It is believed to enhance one's spiritual awareness and connection to higher realms.
  2. Energy Amplification: Some people believe that Libyan Desert Glass can amplify one's energy and intentions, making it a useful tool for meditation and manifestation.
  3. Protection: It is thought to have protective qualities that shield the wearer or owner from negative energies and entities, much like a protective amulet.
  4. Spiritual Transformation: Libyan Desert Glass may be associated with personal growth and transformation, helping individuals overcome obstacles and achieve their spiritual goals.
  5. Enhanced Psychic Abilities: Some individuals claim that working with Libyan Desert Glass can enhance psychic abilities, such as clairvoyance or intuition.
  6. Chakra Alignment: It is said to align and balance the chakras, particularly the Solar Plexus Chakra, which is associated with personal power and confidence.
  7. Healing: While not a replacement for medical treatment, Libyan Desert Glass is sometimes believed to have healing properties that can assist with physical, emotional, or spiritual healing processes.

As for me, it will remain a symbol of the desert and the Milky Way...

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Mayan Jewelry

15% Discount Until September 27th 2023

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