• Mars Exaltation Talisman Gold (*Last Two!*)
  • Mars Exaltation Talisman Gold (*Last Two!*)
  • Mars Exaltation Talisman Gold (*Last Two!*) 796
  • Mars Exaltation Talisman Gold (*Last Two!*) 796

Mars Exaltation Talisman Gold (*Last Two!*)

Limited Edition - assembled on October 11th 2016 between 12:40-13:10 GMT+3

Rekindling passion and active persistence In one's authentic desires and actions In life
$1,445 USD
3.0cm/3.0cm -  1.2Inch/1.2Inch
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Product Description

Mars Exaltation Talisman Gold (*Last Two!*)

Only Two Left
A powerful Talisman for rekindling passion and active persistence In one's authentic desires and actions In life. Designed for piercing Inner vision and occult powers for the wearers.

Limited Edition was assembled on October the 11th between 12:40-13:10 GMT+3

After two years around the zodiac Mars has finally returned to Capricorn, the sign of its exaltation. 
The Talisman was made on Mars planetary day (Tuesday) while Mars is rising.
This election also takes the advantage of the auspicious Jupiter Mercury conjunction which is exact at the time, and the air trine between the luminaries, these configurations will give a more balanced and mentally resourceful ambient to this powerful Mars, and help mitigate its sometimes brutal nature.

Mars In Capricorn gives tremendous willpower and stamina, it helps one focus his energy and stay on track until he reaches his goals. it awakens to action and gives not only strong motivation but also the ability to act and get things done, efficiently and effectively. It is also considered a strong protection talisman, which powerfully guards against any attacks and unwanted intervention.

Talisman Components
The center of the Talisman is a Replica of an Ancient Roman coin with the symbols of Mars on it. Around the center are the magic alphabet of Mars taken from the writings of Cornelius Agrippa (1486-1535) who was the most influential writer of renaissance esoterica. 

Mars rules the signs Aries and Scorpio, which reflect different sides of its nature, Aries is much more outgoing and energetically expressive, while Scorpio is more emotionally deep and intense. 
Traditionally Mars is considered a nocturnal planet, and he prefers his nocturnal Sign Scorpio where he is said to express his more refined qualities. 

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