By the Astrologer Michael Ofek

The Concept of Talisman

The concept of A Talisman has its roots In ancient metaphysical and cosmological world views, mainly the Hermetic and Neoplatonic Traditions. Those philosophies serve as the underlying ideas and principles that are applied in the practices of Astrology, Magic/Theurgy and Alchemy.
The Ancients believed that the 'Higher' world is reflected in the 'lower', which is the basic premise of astrology and magic,  and that by certain means one can Intentionally create 'images' that reflect those higher 'ideas' and their corresponding virtues, or as modern will say, the Archetypal essences or principles.

Select the right time

A Talisman is a generic word for such an object, it is a receptacle designed to capture a certain higher essence or 'image', as the biblical phrase goes " in God's image (hebrew: צלם - tselem) He created him". The receptacle can be a specific physical object like a jewelry or a statue, but it may also be more abstract, as a special event, ceremony, or the founding of a city. The astrological procedure of electing the right  time for a Talisman (for a specific purpose) is much the same As the rules of Electional astrology, which is a branch in Astrology That is concerned with finding Auspicious times for different ventures and projects, no matter how big or small, from finding the best time to go to war, or crown a king, to a opening of a business or publishing a book, or having a weeding etc.
Because astrology deals with time from a qualitative perspective, it is a tool for underpinning the different kinds of essential qualities governing different periods, much like a farmers almanac, telling us what is the best time to sow our seeds, for best results.


The word for IMAGE in ancient hebrew is "Tselem" (צלם), which is a tri-letter root, mostly used today for the word photograph, which is "tsilom", a photograph is an image of something, but not the thing itself, it mirrors a 3D reality in a small 2D image. Another corresponding word is "tsel" (צל) which is shadow, which has a very similar symbology, as the earth plane is like the shadow of the real divine light, much like the plato allegory of the cave, the same goes for the everything is the physical world, according to the ancient philosophers. The physical is an image, of a 'higher' nonphysical, eternal reality, the movement of which is reflected in the 'image' of the moving sky.

As Plato says "time is the moving image of eternity" and the planets are the wheels of time, moving through the eternal images (or plato's Ideas/forms) or zodiacal signs, activating their different potentials, in many diverse ways in the earth physical plane.

The Word Talisman

The word Talisman is a french word that probably comes from the hebrew word "tselem" or its counterpart Arabic word “tilsam” (magical figure) which is itself derived from the middle Greek “telesma”, “telesmos” (consecration) and probably from an older Greek word “telein” which means initiation and also completion (the Greek “telos” as in the word “teleology” which is the ultimate purpose or the Aristotelian 'final cause'). The etymology of the word gives us the impression that a Talisman is an object which is magically consecrated and is made for a specific purpose.
From this perspective, we are all living Talismans, created in the Image of a higher being/essence, or our higher self, reflecting the astrological image of our time of birth, each of us is individually designed to animate different ‫qualities for a specific purpose or experience.

Talisman Magic

What Talisman magic is doing, is imitating this principle, reflecting creation in a very small and specific scale. Talisman making has a really old and long tradition, from Babylon and Egypt through the Hellenistic era, up to the renaissance and middle ages. It is found in different forms in many cultures around the world, like in India for example, where it is a common remedial measure for many ailments and problems.

Everything we do here in Ka-Gold in the procedure of making the Talisman is based upon the essential rules and considerations that are found in the old texts, combined with our own creative additions. Many use the word Talisman for their jewelry, but few really know what it means. As said before, an authentic Talisman is a product of the converging of many of the old doctrines, and it is based on the understanding and application of the old metaphysical/cosmological worldview coupled with Astrological and Magical procedures.

The essence is of course the invocation of a specific quality from the movement of energies represented by the cycles of the planets in relation to earth in a given time/space.
In this category there are also grades of specificity, making a talisman for when, let’s say, Jupiter is strong (qualitatively speaking) which is more universal, and is good for many things, yet is much less specific than finding a moment that is balancing and strengthening many elements based on an individual chart. I cannot even try to explain the complexity of such a venture, nor the rules one must follow to pin down a moment in the ever changing sky with all its wheels and cycles.

Utilizing Magical Traditions

Utilizing the tools of the magical tradition, helps us to use in a more Conscious way the energies of our system and within ourselves, and help us navigate and control better those energies according to our wishes.

The Talisman is an intention born in time/space, just like a human being. It has a map that charts its qualities, aspirations and circumstances. Of course the Talisman is not a living body per se, but it is a living intention with its own unique spirit carved from the moving qualities of time, and given birth to by the Artist/Magus, who acts as a mediator and amplifier of the Talisman's Intent. The Talisman is considered to have a destiny of its own (as was chosen in advance) it is encoded with its own 'telos' or functional and essential proposal. When one wears a Talisman the two destinies mingle, delicately persuading each other to a balanced state, in accordance with the needs of the individual’s chart. The Talisman carries qualities that will gently help the wearer as he gets more and more in sync with the talisman’s intention.
After the auspicious time for the talisman has been chosen, then the Artist/Magus (David Weitzman) will perform the consecration 'ritual' which is the assembly and completion of the physical Talisman, while concentrating on the intention and the astrological powers invoked.
The talisman itself should carry the symbols and glyphs of the intentioned astrological energy, and it should be made with the metal/stone 'ruled' by the planet/s invoked.

Ka-Gold's Talismans

The Talismans presented in this site are truly unique, authentically made in the traditional method, by a gifted artist with much care and spirit. Feeling a Talisman work is a subtle thing. Give it time and you will find that your energy and circumstance are changing and balancing. It can happen in many ways. Remember that our personality traits and patterns are so ingrained that it takes time for deep changes to occur. The talisman can attract and help push you to a higher perspective and reflection; it can guide you and help enhance different qualities in you and your outer circumstances, but not completely without your own initiative. Nothing can override your experiential needs reflected in your birth chart. Talismans and gem stones don't give you energy as much as they invoke the different energies from within you, that help balance and give more strength, therefore giving more opportunities for growth and understanding.

It is also a good idea to reinforce the power of the talisman once in a while with meditation, or just a deep prayer/concentration while holding the Talisman in your hands, you can also state your intention out loud while visualizing its realization in your mind, it is custom to do that while moving the Talisman in a smoke of a burning incense (preferably one that correlate with the energy of the planet) but also sage will do fine, remember It is the intention That count.

About the writer - Michael Ofek

Michael ofek Michael Ofek is a professional astrologer, teacher and consultant. He has been researching and practicing Ancient Traditional Astrology and Astral Magic for over a decade. before delving into astrology, He studied many different metaphysical and esoteric traditions, sacred geometry, alchemy and shamanism. Today his work is aimed at integrating the old astrological tradition with modern advances in the field, while shedding new light on the cosmology and metaphysics of the ancients. In his view, Astral magic simply put, is the use of astrology to actively and consciously participate in creation.

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