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Sirius-Jupiter Talisman - Recreating the Forgotten Art of the Magical  Egyptian Amulet. A Rare One of A kind Genuine Sirius Talisman  

We were fortunate to be able to recapture the unique and powerful event of Jupiter entering its Exaltation degree which is a pretty rare occurrence, and a most Auspicious time.

What makes this Degree so powerful is its proximity to the powerful Fixed star SIRIUS (today 14˚16’ of Cancer) which is the brightest star in the sky! So we have decided to make special SIRIUS Talisman according to the ancient Tradition!

Limited Edition!
Unique and Powerful Fixed Star Talisman

Will be assembled on April the 25th between 9:31 - 11:02 GMT+3

Jupiter Exaltation Talisman
Sirius-Jupiter Talisman Silver

SIRIUS was very important to the Egyptians, as it was Helically rising (rising in the morning before the sun, just after exiting the sun’s rays) in the summer with the flooding of the Nile, and also marked the beginning point of the ancient Egyptian yearly calendar (and its Decanic division..see below). SIRIUS was considered a life giver, and was affiliated with the goddess Isis.

SIRIUS is a star of success and power, and it appears to heighten the beneficial qualities of that planet it is affiliated with, in this case Jupiter which is in itself the planet of success, benefit and abundance.

Jupiter Exaltation Talisman
Sirius-Jupiter Talisman Gold

The images on the talisman are the Image of Sopdet (also Sepdet or Sothis). Sopdet is the goddess that represents Sirius. Sopdet is displayed, riding her boat in the night sky, with a star on top of her headdress while holding a lotus flower. The Lotus probably represents one year's cycle, thus linking her to the yearly rising of Sirius and the new year.

The back of the Talisman bears the Egyptian Hieroglyph of Sirius and the ancient magical seal of Sirius. The canister contains Juniper and Wormwood according to an ancient formula for the making a Sirius Talisman. The formula can be found in the hermetic writings of Hermes and Cornelius Agrippa.

Jupiter Exaltation Talisman
Sirius-Jupiter Talisman Silver

SIRIUS was the most important star in ancient Egyptian astronomy, marking the beginning of the Decans (Egyptian bakiu) - a division of ten degrees asterisms, or grouping of stars.
This was the way the Egyptians divided the night sky, so that each groups of stars was Helically rising for ten days annually. They were called "Dekanoi" by the greek which literally means “lord of ten”. There were 36 Decans which rise throughout each Earth's rotation, Therefore also dividing the diurnal cycle with the rising of each decan as a new hour in the "star clock". The Decans were later incorporated into greek astrology, and symmetrically divided the 12 zodiac signs (each sign divided into 3 decans).

In these ancient times, the Decanic system was used for creating powerful Talismans, which were also created for specific powerfull fixed stars. This ancient way of creating powerful Talismans according to the Decans and fixed stars, was mostly lost after the times of the Renaissance, so this Talisman is actually extremely rare.

Jupiter Exaltation Talisman
Sirius-Jupiter Talisman Gold

Fixed Stars Talismans
Talisman for fixed stars were considered very powerful and unique, as they represent emanations of forces outside and above our solar system, reflecting in a sense, super human virtues and powers. Most of the shining fixed stars are gigantic Suns extremely bigger than our own.

The name “fixed stars” marks the difference between the apparent movements of the planets (meaning wanderers) and the stars and constellations which seems fixed and unmoving from earth's point of view. For the ancients the fixed position of those Stars relative to each other, to the moving planets and the earth’s rotation, was considered a mark of their divinity, as they are unchanging and therefore eternal.

Jupiter-Venus Talisman Silver (New Edition)
At Friday the 18th of April I have assembled the Jupiter-Venus New Edition. The Talisman is composed of silver, copper (Venus) and tin (Jupiter). The Talisman is then 'born' at the corresponding astrological time with the consecration and the charging of the Talisman and the summoning of the forces involved.

Jupiter-Venus Talisman
Jupiter-Venus Talisman

Amidst the powerful Astrological drama of the historical cardinal cross, (that will be at its peek in 18-24 of April) and the challenges that it provokes in our lives, there will also be a very Rare and beautiful binding of cosmic energies - A Trine (harmonious aspect) between the two ‘Benefic’ planets, Venus and Jupiter.
This is not a regular Trine but a very strong one, as Jupiter and Venus will both be in their own Exaltations (Jupiter in Cancer and Venus in Pisces). This is a pretty rare occurrence considering Jupiter visits Cancer once in 12 years. Also, Jupiter is the planetary ruler of Pisces, so he is also “receiving” Venus into its own sign, which makes this connection even more powerful and unique.
The Talisman’s design is a blend of Venus and Jupiter magical symbolism. This combination of the two 'benefic' planets makes a very strong Talisman for protection, happiness, love, joy, optimism, and healing of the heart. It is a Talisman for success, well being and general good fortune and abundance.

15% Discount on the Sirius-Jupiter, Jupiter Exaltation and Venus-Jupiter Talismans

Thank you for reading
David and Ka-Gold Team

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