February 2013 Newsletter

Meaningful Love Jewelry for Valentine's Day

We dedicate this newsletter to love for the coming valentine's day on the 14th of February.

Love Jewelry
Diligo Ergo Sum wide and Narrow and Japanese Crane Ring

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Postcard in case the Gift doesn't arive on Time
In the event of a postal delay, this card will allow you to share your good wishes until the actual present arrives. We have left a few lines on the bottom of the postcard for you to include a personal message.

Valentine's day postcard

To download the image follow these instructions:
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    * Point the mouse on the image
    * Click on the right mouse button
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Yin Yang Pendant

The Yin Yang is an ancient Asian philosophical outlook that sees polar opposites or opposite powers as powers that complete and define each other. Opposite powers constitute a point of relationship and they complete and balance each other. Every power grows from the other, for example, light and dark or male and female.

One great use is obviously for a couple, each one wears one of the parts as a symbol that completes the other. You can also engrave each of your initials on the back of the pendant.

I Love Therefor I Am - Love as the true essence of humanity
The "I love therefore I am" ring is a revision of the famous quote from the well-known philosopher, Descartes, who declared “I think therefore I am”. Descartes was trying to logically prove his existence. The popular phrase is also well known in it's Latin rendition – “Cogito ergo sum”.

In this ring the phrase was modified from a mere logical claim to a statement that sums up the essence of the entire creation – “I love therefore I am” or in Latin – “Diligo ergo sum”. Human thinking in it's limitation cannot grasp the entire universe and its essence. However the search for love and compassion characterizes the human experience This trait of exploration is common and basic to all human beings. It is all encompassing.

Mobius Ring - The ring with only one facet!
There is no difference between the inside and the outside of the Mobius ring. This is an example of the creator that created everything from itself. The Mobius ring represents the inner divine self, as can be found in the geometrical qualities of it.

The Mobius ring is great as a gift between partners in a relationship while the gifting of the ring symbolizes their unity and oneness. The two that are actually one...

AHAVA Symbol
The symbol was revealed to the spirit of Dvorah Perlman in 2004.
The symbol in this Ring was created from the Hebrew word for love-"AHAVA".

The symbol incorporated in this Ring consists of a number of elements. The first is the letter א (ALEPH), the first letter in the Hebrew alphabet. The shape of this letter clearly shows how the Creator's light is channeled down to meet the material dimension, is twisted and continues its journey as a reflected image, to create and to be created. "As it is above, so it shall be below." With the letter Aleph (א) we can see two occurrences of the letter "ה" (H) which symbolizes the creator. The letter is reflected both in its regular form and upside down. Also within the Aleph we see the letter "ב" (BET), the second letter of the Hebrew alphabet but the first letter to appear in the first chapter of the Old Testament – BERESHEET. This represents the process of the revelation of creation through its duality.

The symbol of AHAVA is a perfectly harmonious symbol that can be reversed and still appear the same. It teaches our consciousness the nature of sanctified love where the creator and the created, the container and the contents together create and balance one and the other in perfect harmony.

14% Discount for Valentines Day
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Thank you for reading
With Love
David and Ka-Gold Team

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