We are happy to share with you our 2019 Gifts for people in need project, is now open for submission. This is our 6th year running this wonderful project where we touch the lives of 30 people and support them in their struggle in life.

We also like to share with you our 15% holiday coupon. For those of you who intend to order items as gifts for the holidays now is a great time to do so and make sure they arrive on time.

Gifts for People in Need Project

30 Gifts for People in

The gift for people in need project purpose is to help those of you who feel desperate and in great need of hope and courage to overcome life's hurdles. We started this project back in 2013 and it has now become a yearly tradition. We will accept entries until December 10th, 2019.

There are many people who are continually suffering because of ill-health, pain, loss of a job, lack of love and affection, frustration, anxiety, unfulfilled desires, emptiness, and more. Many of these people do not have the resources to purchase David’s inspiring work, and so we at Ka-Gold, are presenting such spiritually needful people with free jewelry that can help them in their endeavors to strengthen their awareness of their inner-self as well as the outer world.

We offer five wonderful designs for people to choose from:
You can view the designs images below.

Touching Testimonials from Past Recipients

Below are some wonderful testimonials we received from past recipients of this project. We only used first names to respect their privacy...

"It has always been a comfort to me, whenever I look down at it. Then I know things are not really that bad after all…"

                            of Life

"I absolutely love this piece, it gave me security in knowing I could do what I needed to.
I found it comforting, large amounts of comments on how nice it was wanting to know what it meant, etc.
I'm so grateful to you for allowing me to receive the beautiful gift you spent hours making special for everyone who orders it in my case received as a gift.
I've since ordered a couple of other pieces that I am extremely proud to own. Thank you for your beautiful talent and gifts."


Ring of

"Dearest Yaron, David, and friends at Ka:
The ring you gifted to me has not left my finger since the day it arrived.  Within 6 months of receiving my ring, I received my dream car (a Mustang) for my birthday AND landed a new job in a career I love! Way beyond that, my health remains in top condition. I am now past the 5-year mark after my cancer diagnosis.  So YES, the sacred jewelry you gifted me has inspired and reminded me daily of Abundance!
I also get much pleasure and confirmation from the pendant David created for me - The Acceptance Pendant. Close friends and my daughter also wear the same piece in celebration of the inspiration of the life cycle of the Monarch. Without a doubt, your sacred jewelry creations help bring into reality the profound truths they declare.  

I LOVE how your selection honors ALL expressions! Generosity, purpose, excellence, insight, possibility, and so much more can be found in all that you do!  And here you are once again, reaching out to me in true care and concern for a customer who is almost halfway around the world.  Please know that I treasure such expressions of genuine goodness. I trust that you and your families are well and enjoying the fruits of such life-changing labor!"


                            Knot Medium

"I can say I have worn it many times and people always ask me about it. I also have a metal decor version on my wall.

I am more at emotional and financial peace in this past year then I have ever been, even though life hasn’t been much easier.  I make a conscious effort to relate to others and to rest and relax more and the symbol reminds of world life connections. It is the only gift I ever received from someone other than a family or friend for a birthday or something, so it holds a special place in my heart.  My husband has now been on hospice care for 4 years, which is amazing to the doctors, so we have been blessed.

Again, thank you for your gift.
It will always remain a wonderful surprise from someone who didn’t know me."


Abundance Ring

"Indeed I have found the ring of courage to be life-changing.
Let me tell you an experience I had shortly after receiving the ring. At the time I was facing perhaps the biggest challenge of my life and every moment was a battle against fear. I received the ring and began wearing it, being constantly reminded that courage was inside me. One day not long after receiving it I had been doing some gardening and late in the evening, I noticed the ring was gone. My world utterly collapsed at that moment. I went out in the dark and started sitting through mountains of potting soil determined to find what I had lost. I could not allow myself to think that it was gone as I had just started getting my courage back. After hours of searching and finding nothing, I came inside defeated. To my surprise, I discovered the ring in the utility sink inside a glove I had worn only briefly. It was another reminder that as the ring inside the glove, courage is inside me always, regardless.

I have since gotten a tiny ring a size smaller to wear alongside it to keep it from falling off and it has never left my finger since. I get many questions and compliments about it and I am always happy to share with others that if they will search inside themselves they will indeed find their courage also. There is no longer fear inside me. I am forever grateful for the gift you gave me and I love sharing it with others. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. This small token changed my life."


                            Prana Sphere

Thank you for reading
Have a wonderful October
David and Ka-Gold Team

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