Cosmic Zodiac Pendant Gold

Dodecahedron (one of the platonic solids) with 12 zodiac signs - one on each facet.

Bring the wearer deep sense of connection with the cosmic order.
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Product Description

"Within this lower world, a spiritual nature is concealed that can operate through geometry, which is vitalized through the geometrical and harmonic connections, originating in an interior urge implanted by the Creator, and which inspires and motivates the use of these powers."
Johann Keppler

The structure in this pendant is called a Dodecahedron – one of the five platonic solids. The platonic solids are convex polyhedrons. The facets of a Platonic solid are congruent regular polygons, with the same number of facets meeting at each vertex; thus, all its edges are congruent, as are its vertices and angles. The platonic solids are the Tetrahedron, the Cube, (or hexahedron), the Octahedron, the Dodecahedron and the Icosahedron.

The beauty and harmony of the platonic solids captured the eyes of the ancient philosophers and they compared them to the five elements from which the universe is composed (earth, water, air, fire and aether). According to Plato, the Dodecahedron is the structure of the Aether element – the invisible/spiritual element from which the universe is composed. It is interesting to see that just recently scientists reached the conclusion that the universe is final and has the structure of a Dodecahedron…

The Dodecahedron has 12 facets; each facet is a pentagon. The structure is parallel to the 12 signs of the zodiac to which Plato referred to as the basic structures which cannot be grasped by the senses and are the basis of reality itself. Plato believed that behind the physical reality there is a spiritual reality of geometric structures and spiritual laws. He believed that the spiritual reality is the real reality and that the one we experience with our senses is only the projection of the spiritual reality. He described this idea in his book "The Republic" in the "Allegory of the Cave".

The number 12 is a magical number which also appears widely in music. The chromatic scale has 12 notes. Pythagoras considered music as the key to creation itself.

The pendant represents all the powers of creation and the cosmic perfection. It is made to give the wearer the power behind the shapes and the ability to connect with the unseen reality.

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    What Do I Get?

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