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EOTHM - Sacred Circle of Divine Co-operativity

Submitted by: alie marie aryanz cole
Activating the Sacred Circle of Creativity (since renamed by the Group the Sacred Circle of Co-operativity! honouring the equality of all Beings!) Begin by honouring the direction of the North In this meditation........ We honour the North for Divine Direction Wisdom Guidance Inner Strength Nuture and Support We honour our Divine Teachers The Devas The Elementals and Our Divine Forebears WE honour the NORTH. AND SO IT IS We honour the East, the direction of the EAST. We honour the Teachers of the East, the Devas the Elementals We honour the East for Divine Creativity. New ways of knowing, communicating, healing, understanding, loving, being. (You add whatever feels appeorpriate for your learning) This direction allows New Ways of BEING. New understandings to come through whilst you work. You set the intent. This is a wonderful way to work and you will always be learning in the moment. It helps you to move into the new ay of BEING and let go of old habitual patterns of learning and being. It is very emppowering and helps to let go of the past. We honour the Dvine Child. AND SO IT IS. We honour the South,. The direction of the South. We honour the Teachers, the deva's the Elementals. We honour the South for the Divine Path, quest, journey or way. The Sword of Light and Truth. We honour our Divine Ancestors. AND SO IT IS> We honour the WEST> The direction of the West. The teachers, the deva's the Elementals\of the West. We honour the West for Transformation, transfiguration and Transmutation. Creating wholeness and healing. We honour the Divine Adult. AND SO IT IS. Complete the Sacred Circle in the North. The next step is to honour your Divine Galactic Center Divine Feminine Being Divine Masculine Being Divine Celestial Being Divine Creative Source The Christ Within and the Christ Without Now relate back to the Rainbow Bridge and begin bringing through the colours:- of Golds. or Golds and Silvers Golds and Whites Golds, Silvers, Oplascents and Whites or even violets.......... Bring them through your body and into your Earth Star.... This is accessing the top of the Bridge to communicate with the Celestials. Trust that you will be guided to access the correct combination of colours, it will seem very natural to you. When you do this you create a pyramid of light within time and space. This then becomes a temple for healing or communication. When you have finished dont forget to bring through the colours to ground your energies. And undo the circle as you are guided. Give thanks and close... The Sacred Circle of Creativity symbol was included..... ©alie Marie Aryanz 1999
EOTHM (Energy of the Highest Metratron) Sacred Circle of Divine Co-operativity

EOTHM - Sacred Circle of Divine Co-operativity

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