Odin's Knot

Submitted by: Kai
Odin, the cheif Norse God hung upside-down in a tree for nine days and nine nights in order to discover the Runes, the path into knowledge and prophecy for human beings, sacrificing himself for knowledge. Odins Knot or the Valknut simplified can be drawn with one stroke, making it wonderful for protection. The three triangles and nine points reference pregnancy and rebirth or reincarnation, a popular theme of nordic mythology. They also reference the nine domains encompassed in heaven, earth and hell in Nordic mythology. Also, as another from of knot, they symbolize the interconnectedness and oneness of all aspects of life. The futhark runes discovered by odin around the edges of the pendant are a quote from the poetic edda describing Odin's experience. "From a word to a word, I was led to a word, from a deed to another deed". For me this brings forth the idea of the flow of life from one thing to another, and the cyclical nature of the Nordic world view. Nordic and Celtic mythology were the first spiritualities I really connected to, and have always occupied a place close to my heart. Odin's quest and sacrifice for not only knowledge but wisdom inspires me to pursue my dreams of becoming a teacher and learn more than just facts, but learn how to think, and explore my own destiny and prophecy. I didn't know how much futhark would fit, so I put the best part, but the rest of the section is also quite good: "Down to the deepest depths I peered I know I hung on that windy tree, Swung there for nine long nights Wounded by my own blade Bloodied for Odin. Myself an offering to myself Bound to the tree that no man knows Wither the roots of it ran. None gave me bread. None gave me drink. Down to the deepest depths I peered Until I spied the Runes With a Roaring cry I seized them up Then dizzy and fainting I fell Well-being I won And wisdom too From a word to a word I was led to a word From a deed to another deed."
Norse, futhark, Odin, protection

Odin's Knot

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